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Hi everyone. I'm just curious if anybody here thinks of himself or herself as a good writer or even an expert writer at this point? What do you think makes one a good writer? What tips can you share on how to improve one...

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    jessie271 Level 1
  • 59 3 years ago

    If you were told to write about an animal,which animal would you choose. I was once told to write a short story with one of the main characters being an animal.I chose a dog. I found a dog appropriate as I would capture...

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    rose61 Level 1
  • 56 3 years ago

    Unless you're just getting into the content generation game, it's a well-known and echoed fact that PLR (Private Label Rights) products are the most pricey and sought-after content favorably looked upon as foundation ma...

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    Promodrone Level 1
  • 11 3 years ago

    Everyone is in a mighty hurry to put pen to paper as more one writes more one earns and some sites just want substance regardless of how badly the content is written. I have come across some writers here who do take ...

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    iamawriter Level 1
  • 40 4 years ago

    You know, when it comes to bloggin', some people do it well, some people don't! Those that do usually have experience under their belts. They are "super bloggers". They've learned from doing, what it takes to write a sup...

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    idealmike Level X3
  • 11 5 years ago