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  • a short movie review
I require a short (200-300 words) review of a movie ( you can choose a movie for me) . It should encourage readers to watch the movie .


Introduce your text with a headline. The headline should be the name of the movie.

Next, summarise the film in a paragraph of no more than 120 words. This synopsis should not include spoilers, as you should assume that the reader has not seen the movie .

Continue the article with a meaningful subtitle which encourages the reader to continue reading. In the second half of the article, write a paragraph dealing with a significant topic concerning the movie. This could be a specific performance, the music or a plot point. The actual topic is not important, but the complex and critical way in which you argue your points is essential.

At the end of the article, add a call-to-action which encourages the reader to go see the movie .


  • Adopt a neutral tone which is neither formal nor informal. Write in third person perspective.
  • Do not address the reader, except in the call-to-action.
  • The aim of this article is to grab the attention of the reader and encourage them to go see the movie . Remember, no spoilers!

Skills Required

Writing English


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