Copywriter anyone I am waiting for you for $35

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Copywriter anyone I am waiting for you

Copywriter anyone? I am waiting for you!  So here's the thing. You are here because you need me? Well, I need you
just as much as you need me. So, now that we have met, and all
formalities are out the way, lets get down to business, shall we?

First I must commend you for taking the first step. You're here simply
because you need more clients. And most definitely, this is what I can
do, help you grow your business. My creative creative words doesn't
care what your industry or line of business is. No it doesn't matter -
one bit. You have, definitely, come to the right place to increase sales
and your customer base .

Lining your coiffures with the almighty Benjamins, Euros and Pounds
should be effortless. And I am so happy to help you with that. I will
bring out the ohhhs and ahhhs in you, but that is after I've spun my
magic wand. Regardless of what you think, I don't have a black cat or a
magic broom. Just the stroke of my pen is potent enough to unlock the
chest at the end of that beautiful rainbow.

The benefits

You know, my main objective is to drive more guests to your little
niche. With the World Wide Web as your canvass, I will paint the perfect
picture to draw firm social fans and these giants; Google, Yahoo and
Bing. Not to mention, faithful clients and prospects always eager to
open up and swipe their ever welcome credit cards will come rushing to
your store.

Alas, I pen words that win hearts, and get inside the brains of your
prospects. And now that you know what I can do for you, lets get to work
without further ado, shall we ?

My $$$
Only a meagre $35.00 for 350 magical words that definitely works!


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