Create 50 Amazing, Engaging, Catchy, Appealing, Powerful Blog Post Topic Ideas for $5

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Create 50 Amazing, Engaging, Catchy, Appealing, Powerful Blog Post Topic Ideas

Got a blog but got no content? Perhaps you don't really know what to write about for your first or next blog posts? You gotta do your research! You gotta find idea titles that convert and are worth ranking for. Maybe you know some already, well you probably know your niche since you're blogging in it so know what kind of content you want right?

But still, if you want those great nuggets of blog post ideas that pull the people in like a moth to a flame, like a fat kid on pocket money day to the sweet shop, well that will always mean actually rolling up your sleeves and digging in and getting your hands dirty!

Well if you're a complete newbie blogger to blogging and SEO or even an expert blogger and SEO already, and as one myself for about 20 years now (man I wish I had WordClerks and services like this then). Then this service is for you! For anyone that wants 10 amazing, engaging, catchy and powerful blog post topic ideas to write about. Anytime, whenever you need them for your blog or whatever purpose! (Email newsletters, web series, FAQ's etc etc).

Types of Content This is For

  • Blog Posts, WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, Tumblr etc.
  • Email Newsletters, one for every week/month etc.
  • Web Series, running product reviews & more.
  • FAQ's, 10 top questions about your niche/product etc.
  • Ebooks, Kindle, Nook, PDF docs or doc pages etc.
  • Podcast ideas, something to talk or write about.
  • Listicles, Top 10 lists, best x something etc.
  • Video creation ideas, if you have 'em you'll make 'em!
What Type of Titles are Created?

The best ones we can find based on your requirements/website/products/niche/industry etc. We'll go from Fun and Frivolous to Serious and Formal. So, the first few topic ideas might be fun ones to post. Then they'll get a little more related to your site/products/industry etc. To titles that might be a bit outside of your comfort zone but bring you into a good light for writing and posting it on your site/blog. Things that are related to what your targeted audience and buyers are looking for. Such as questions that people with problems search for..

So Just the Titles and Not the Content Too?

So just to clarify, in this service, what you will get in the basic service is: 10x Blog Post Topic Ideas. When you place your order you're asked some questions in the form, just answer them and we'll use that info (and our skills and XP) to come up with your 10x Blog Post Topic Ideas for you.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver My Titles?

It depends on your site, the requirements and how much research we have to do. As well as if you order any extras too. But generally quite quick (within the hour you order to the end of the day perhaps). Want it fast? Use or Quick Delivery Extra and we'll have them for you on the same day guaranteed!

What Are The Extras?

Extras let you get more than just the basic service. You can get other things done for you on top. I've diligently added some of the best most popular and requested/purchased extras related to this type of work.

These include:

  • Writing the articles for you for as many as you need.
  • Adding formatting, b, u, i, h1, h2 elements etc.
Why Buy This Service?

To keep things fresh and dynamic! To get alternative, outside ideas and perspectives on things related to your products/services/site, niche/industry etc. Just for fun, kicks and a good crack! For real practical purposes and reasons. For something that comes from outside the box, that could potentially go on to be very lucrative.

How to Create Amazing Blog Post Topics That Are Worth Posting?

One of the best approaches and angles to take IMHO is the problem solving one. Everyone has problems of some kind. Some daily problems, some old ones and some new ones. All always looking for a fix solution for it. Well, if you know your targeted audience enough, you may be able to find a problem they have - and solve it for them too!

Example Problem Question: How To Create Catchy Emotionally Appealing Blog Post Topics?

Answer & Solution: Identify & present a problem people have and provide a solution for it.

Step 1: Identify a problem your richest targeted audience has.

  • Find a problem that your main buyer audience has and combine them with those people who are looking for your product/solution.
  • That could be a problem you're targeted ideal audience is having. And the solution would be? Well the solution you have is the solution, whatever it is!
  • And that could be your product or service that you sell. Whether you sell it yourself (your own products) or you're just an affiliate looking for clicks on your ads.
Step 2: Write the blog post, make it awesome. Publish it, promote & SEO it.

  • Once you have blog post topic ideas ready it's easier to create the content for them. "if you build it they will come" logic. Get the basic requirement of any baseball game in place, a baseball field to play on!
  • Of course, unlike in Field of Dreams when many people suddenly turn up without even telling anyone about it, in the real world you may need to do that and should regardless because you can.
Want The Titles and The Relevant Content Written for Them Also?

  • We can create these blog post titles for you, and you'll likely be satisfied with them. Or, if you're short for time, we can create the content for you as an extra too.
  • That way you can get not only 10 awesome killer titles for blog post titles for anything, but you can have one, some, or even all of them actually written for you too!
So just place your order now. Send me your niche, or a few keywords you're targeting. And I'll then get to work generating your blog post topic titles. And any extras that you've ordered as well.


$5 for 50 x topic titles.

Place your order now for guaranteed satisfaction or your money back!


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