do any work in excel for your company for $50

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do any work in excel for your company

I am an Engineering Student with over 5 years of experience in excel. I can help you in completing your assignments, office work, projects, quiz or anything related to excel.

re you struggling with data, text or a report and you need someone to help you? Do you need help building a report? If that’s the case, I’m your guy. I’m an Excel expert with more than 10 years of experience. Currently working as a Process Analyst. 

Here is what I can help you with:

✔ Dashboard

✔ Excel homework/assignments

✔ Custom formulas (VLOOKUP, IF…)

✔ Buttons, Drop-down lists, forms, etc

✔ Convert from PDF to Excel

✔ Convert from Excel to PDF

✔ Split text/data into different cells

✔ Extract text/data from a cell

✔ Removing duplicates

✔ Chart/Graphs

✔ Pivot Tables

✔ Pivot Charts


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