Safelist Submitter Software Needed DESPERATELY!!!

Safelist Submitter Software Needed DESPERATELY!!!


...looking for anyone to program anything - do NOT contact me and attempt to sell me your custom software/scripts (no interest)

...looking to trade other software, content, scripts, plugins, or whatever (legal) may be needed to part with a copy of a multiple-site simultaneous safelist advertising application which either has numerous safelists in it already or one where you can enter your own with your login credentials

Above is an example of a software known as "Safelist Genius" (which I'd LOVE to get my hands on), that I used to have b4 the last machine crash (pre-backup)), but I'm not picky and am looking to get my hands on a nice desktop application (versus something in the Saas category).

The above is another example of something I'd love to get my hands on as well, but I don't even know its' name (screenshot from a YouTube video). Please help me help you help me (????), be ready with your SAFELIST SUBMITTER application name, picture, brief description, and your desired trade in exchange for furnishing a copy of your software. I've set the bidding for 120 days as I'm seriously looking (and will end all bidding once suitable candidate(s) are chosen) -

Thanks in advance for your eyeballs, and serious replies only (spammers reported...), PLEASE???

Will Trade

Candidates possessing the suitable software will be traded for whatever it is they need;

Software, Content, Graphics, Plugins, Scripts, or other items (of a legal nature, PLEASE)

Skills Required


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