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Your Tailored Risk Management Plan

As an experienced and successful Risk Manager of many decades, I will address your risks systematically - to mitigate their negative effect - and explore potential opportunities.

I will apply a logical workflow - focusing on “control assurance” - and ensuring alignment with the International Standard for Risk Management ISO 31000.
The approach is supported by an Excel Workbook and integrates the following key considerations:

  • Stakeholders - who have an interest in this risk and the management of this risk and how should each stakeholder be communicated to and consulted with?
  • Risk Statements - clear risk identification of the uncertain event, its causes, and its effects?
  • Current Treatments - what are we currently doing to reduce or eliminate this risk – and how adequate is it?
  • Consequences - what might happen if the situation continues (i.e. we do nothing more than we have currently done)?
  • Potential Proposed Treatments - what could we propose doing which might reduce or eliminate this risk, and what new risks might be introduced?


Risk Analysis Assessmemnt Treatment Control Plan
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