Content Generation Idea: YouTube Industry Videos

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Content Generation Idea: YouTube Industry Videos

Now when it comes to coming up with content generation ideas, it might seem very obvious to use the worlds best and biggest video site that is YouTube. However, a lot of people fail to use it for this reason and instead think it's just for watching funny cat videos! But YouTube can provide you with a lot of inspiration for content creation ideas by just searching out videos that are related to your own industry.

The videos you want to search for are how to videos, news videos or other trending videos that are related to your industry. Watch them and you'll often see areas of things you can cover in your content. The trick is to watch those videos that have the most amount of views, likes and comments. Make sure to read the comments too as these are usually very useful for this reason.

The comments on YouTube videos are often made up not only of people saying thanks, but people actually asking questions related to the content of that video. Sometime these same questions have great answers on them by eager and zealous YouTubers that are trying to make a name for their self and get some exposure to their own channel so go "all out" in their answers. These same answers can provide you with not only an insight into solving a problem someone is having, but from that are also a great way to come up with content generation ideas too.

Working Example
Let's say we wanted to come up with some content generation ideas for "dog training" (a niche I'll use throughout these series of posts as it's a great example. Well we would just go on to YouTube and search for something like dog training tips for example. If you like, you can use the search filters to sort by those videos that have the most amount of views on them already.

Content Generation Idea: YouTube Industry Videos
Now just by looking at the videos that show up in the search results alone is enough to come up with some topic ideas to cover. The one "How to train your puppy not to bite" would be one of them. Watch the video, learn from it, then start jotting down things about it you liked. Things you didn't like that you think should be or could be worded different in your content.

And bare in mind, it's not just YouTube you can use in this way for this reason. But there are many other video sites out there as well. Yes there are other sites like YouTube! YouTube isn't the only video site on the Internet! Check out sites like Vimeo, Veoh, Metacafe, MySpace, DailyMotion etc.

But that's basically how you use YouTube (or any video site) for generating topic and content ideas! Content Generation Idea: YouTube Industry Videos

Do you use YouTube for coming up with content ideas?

What other video sites do you use for this reason if so and how?

Thanks and enjoy!



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It's actually a great idea to watch some industry videos because it can definitely give you some great ideas for content. And like you said, the comment sections of these videos can give you some ideas as well because users may ask questions and you can help them with content that answers their questions. A lot of people don't like to watch long videos so an article version will definitely do well with your readers

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Thanks for the great tips. I'm must say the tips I get here have helped me to be a better writer. Getting ideas on Youtube is not a bad idea. Watching a video is more entertaining and is not as boring as reading an article. You understand the concept better. You can then frame the material in your own way. Remember this is the entertainment age. You need to understand and present content in a way that stimulates a potential audience.

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Researchers have said that the need to capture ideas easily by watching videos is high than when we read them on books. This is the reason it is always easier for us to tell stories of the movies or videos we've watched in the past easily while we find it difficult to do so when we read lots of them on books.

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