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Many people argue if a comic book can be considered as an actual book. In my own opinion, I can consider a comic book as a book and I would promote it to people. comic books are excellent reading materials. What can yo...

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    antonToledo Level 1
  • 41 4 years ago

    I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy watching films and I have unfortunately watched many a letdown of film adaptations, some were absolutely underwhelming due to the film not staying true to the book or the characters not...

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    JBeleren Level 1
  • 53 4 years ago

    I have been reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series since I was 8 years old and until now they are still producing such a great, funny, adventurous book that many children love to read even teens. I wanted to know, if yo...

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    YoloBoy Level 1
  • 49 4 years ago

    When you pick a book up in a store and look at the back, what do you like to find? Similarly, when you read a "blurb" about an eBook, what makes you think about getting the book?

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    HappyLady Level 1
  • 22 4 years ago

    I am a person that love to read books. I read e-books too that has a topic that caught my attention. But I always wanted to make an effort to buy a physical book and read it more than just an e-book. I enjoy reading it e...

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    MomoStarr16 Level 1
  • 75 4 years ago

    I know that reviews can really spur our online success--however, how do we inspire our content readers to leave us reviews? Are there any good strategies, without being too aggressive, which could get our readers to give...

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    JoeMilford Level 1
  • 30 4 years ago

    The act of judging a book by its cover or its synopsis unfortunately is still something very common anywhere in the world. Obviously this is a big mistake because we end up missing the opportunity to read great storie...

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    wiseagent Level 1
  • 57 5 years ago