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Hi there people! If there are any translators among you, can you share what's the hardest part in translation for you? Personally, my main issue is not the job or knowledge of words, but when you have to translate ...

  • Bravosi
    Bravosi Level 1
  • 56 6 years ago

    What is the main concern and tool used when one wants to translate from Chinese to English?

  • cks003
    cks003 Level 1
  • 56 6 years ago

    Needing some help over here. As a bilingual freelancer, I'm always searching for sites that can offer a good bilingual job opportunity. Also, if that job is related to health/medical area, that's my thing for sure. So I ...

  • ballyhara
    ballyhara Level 1
  • 67 6 years ago