Many Ideas but Few Great Titles

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Many Ideas but Few Great Titles

I have noticed over the years that I'm pretty decent at creating a unique concept for a story, and can work out the stories fairly well, but not always so great at coming up with the perfect title. What strategies do you all use to create titles that work for your story line? Do you invent them right off the top of the project or does it take a while for the best title to appear?


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There's a lot of online tools like Title Generator, SEOpressor, KopyWritingKourse, and about 2 dozen more sites which can help you generate good titles.

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Titles should sum up what your story is about in as few words as possible. Just make sure it is intriguing enough to make the reader desire to find out more by reading the story you have written. A simple way to come up a great title is to write a synopsis of your book. After the synopsis is written, imagine that you want to publish it online, what would the title be? That should help you condense your story even further.

I hope that helps.

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Before I started writing on a professional level I took a writing course. Under this course they is a whole section on writing titles. They are millions of articles and strategies on writing titles. One of the greatest one that I have taken note of and use often to attract my audience is to use titles that are alarmist. For example when I write an article about fasting I would use the title what to do if you want to live to 100 years old. Fasting has been proven to extend lifespan.

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