Travel photography showcasing

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Travel photography showcasing

Hello everyone. 
I am an event planner plus a travel photographer and very much passionate about my work. I took a break from my work and go to different places and shoot nature and landscapes. I have traveled to a lot of areas like Nathiya Gali, Swat, Gilgit, Naran Kaghan, Azad Kashmir, and Neelum Valley tour, and ]. I have taken some beautiful shots of the two forts situated in Muzaffarabad on the opposite side of river Neelum, Red and Black Fort, which I would love to showcase in my office soon and even in an exhibition if I do.  I have also been to Turkey as well on a vacation with friends. I have a collection of photos of the places I have explored. Soon I am going to renovate my personal office area and expand for the travel part, from where I can provide photography services and event planning. I am willing to style my office with my travel photos attached to beautiful and stylish frames. I want to set my office with the best interior and travel images frames and attractive colors, therefore, I need an expert interior designer who can help me with my office décor.


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