Content Generation Idea: Run Polls & Surveys from your Audience and Followers

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Content Generation Idea: Run Polls & Surveys from your Audience and Followers

Content Generation Idea: Run Polls & Surveys from your Audience and Followers
Now when it comes to content generation ideas, polls and surveys are usually very good for that since the poll stats and answers given to the questions can all be used for content generation ideas just from those stats and what's said in the survey questions you ask people, those people that you are targeting with your business/product/service.

And the good thing about this is, it's super easy and fun to create polls and surveys and they are and can be fun and interactive by nature so they have a high engage rate if they are targeted to the audience and followers you have that are already interested in what your poll or survey is about and that's what I'm going to try and bang out here for you! Content Generation Idea: Run Polls & Surveys from your Audience and Followers

Creating a Poll for Content Generating Ideas

So maybe you've started a poll before on a forum or even have much poll making and using experience already, if so great! If not no problem as polls are easy and and can be as fun to create as they are to take! Polls are easier, quicker to take. Usually you just have to make a selection from two or more possible selections and cast your vote and then get to see how many people chose which answer or selection which can be fun to see so people feel like they're getting something out of it!

Well that's the sort of polls you'll need to create, polls that people, those intended targeted audience, your followers will already have an interest in, something that would appeal to them to take (since it's usually only a click or two) and cast their vote on.

And all you have to do, is think up a couple of cool, popular, interesting, pressing or trending question and give at least two possible selections that they can choose from. Then that's it. You just put it out there, promote it, drive traffic to it, post it and promote it on social media. Tell people about in your newsletters and podcasts, YouTube videos etc etc.

How to create a poll?

Content Generation Idea: Run Polls & Surveys from your Audience and Followers
This can be done many ways! You can do it on your own site easily enough just using some free poll script or something. If you're using WordPress, you can make use of any one of the great free poll plugin's in the WP plugin suppository. And you can also usually do this on social media as well, Facebook lets you create polls in groups and pages and you can also create polls on some other social media sites too.

There are lots of ways to create a poll. Just Google it. But you want one that is light, easy to use, loads quick and works in any browser etc. That's why I prefer to host the poll directly from my own site but you can do both anyway.

Creating Surveys for Content Generation Ideas

Okay surveys are a little different to polls. Surveys are usually more than 2 questions and an actual series of questions you'll have to ask. They could be questions, just straight up text questions, or even images etc such as which logo, design or color do you like better. Or what do you like to do on a rainy day when you don't have any x product. Or where do you most like to buy x product from?

Questions like that about your product, service or business that their answers given in that survey would not only be helpful to know for you as a business to survive and succeed but also to gleam ways you can make content from it too of course! Content Generation Idea: Run Polls & Surveys from your Audience and Followers

But like polls, surveys need to be fun to take too! Or at least like they feel like they are getting something out of it. That's the key thing to keeping your poll and survey engagement response rate up. Keeping it light, keeping it fun but keeping it professional.

So try to ask some light and basic, simple questions at first. Throw a few more longer, more advanced questions in about your products, services or business that they can answer if they wish to but don't have to if they don't want to!

That's key, don't ever make people feel like they're pressured into taking the poll or survey, keep it fully optional else they'll start looking for excuses not to take it lol. I'm sure you can agree with me upon polls/surveys you've come across in the past from those leaders and other businesses out there on social media, email etc, you're like err, do I have time for this.... lol

But that's Content Generation Idea 23: Run a Poll or Survey from your Audience and Followers.

A sure fire way to do such a thing!

Is this something you do or have done and how did it go / work out for you?

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It's nice to know that one can really generate contents by using surveys and polls. One good thing about surveys is that it enables a writer to see the opinion of others and by that, build his content through that means. So, it's great to see how I can put that into practice as well.

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I've done Facebook Polls for my Facebook Group Members and it's always amazes me when at times the results would prove me wrong. It only means I can't predict or know for certain what topics people like unless I get their consensus.

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