Content Generation Idea: Help your Followers and Audience: Review a Book

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Content Generation Idea: Help your Followers and Audience: Review a Book

Content Generation Idea: Help your Followers and Audience: Review a Book
Hello and if you've been reading these 101+ content generation ideas I've been posting lately, then you may have read my last post on Content Generation Idea 26: Write about a Popular Movie Related to Your Industry. Well this method for content generation is very similar except that, instead of writing about a popular movie, you could write about and post a review of a popular book in your industry. A book that your targeted audience and followers would appreciate and find helpful to read a review of it. Especially if it's on a fairly popular book that is on something helpful to them they could buy and read.

And doing a book review isn't hard to do before you start having daunting thoughts, all it really takes is reading the book itself. Once you do, you'll be able to say, I read that book and I know it, I have an opinion on that book because I've read it. And then all you have to do is write about that opinion of that book. That's what a book review is! Content Generation Idea: Help your Followers and Audience: Review a Book

That can be something relatively short, say, of few hundred words, something short form and compact. Or something much longer of 500+ or more words. It's completely up to you! People do like to read extensive reviews that are in detail and break down the parts of the thing or book being reviewed. Such as the different chapters, guides and information within it.

The point is, reading and reviewing books that are related to and connect your industry somehow. Such as those how to guides, manuals and other helpful advice and information books. Even novels! For novels you can just find novel books that have stories that do reflect real life things related to your industry, business or product too. Trust me, you're likely in a niche that has a lot of books, both novels and everything else that is some way related to your business or niche product.

Content Generation Idea: Help your Followers and Audience: Review a Book
So if you're looking for content generation ideas and you like reading books, be helpful to your followers and show your literate side, by reading books and then reviewing them as blog content on your blog etc. Your readers and those in that industry will like it, your competitors will envy you because of it, if you do it a lot as it will get a lot of traction and people (such as the authors of those books) will start following you just for book reviews eventually which means more business for you. Especially if they're on books that are related to the industry, product, service or brand they care about! Write a review about it

Why use books for content ideas?

  • Books are in their plenty in every niche so you can find one that is related to yours.
  • Books can be used for coming up with content ideas from the things they talk about, stories, guides etc.
  • Some books are popular and reviewing them can gain you some extra exposure and attraction.
  • You'll be learning something new yourself just from reading books related to your industry.
  • This means you not only have many new content ideas, but can succeed in your field too.
Boom! Do you need any more reasons than that?

How to Make a Great Book Review?

I got your back Jack! Just remember these points when writing your book review, for what makes the best book review. Use these points as a general rule of thumb and what to remember and you'll be knocking them out of the park every time! Content Generation Idea: Help your Followers and Audience: Review a Book

  • A Powerful Summary.
    Your summary is usually the first thing and part of your book review that people will read. It should set the theme of the review from the start but not reveal and spoil the ending!
  • A Personal Opinion.
    Your review should say why you liked the book or didn't like it and why. A Recommendation. You should give some details on who else might like to read this book and why too.
  • Scripts and Quotes.
    You can and should use quotes or chapters, titles etc in the context of a review as evidence from the text.
  • Strong Conventions.
    Make sure to check all your grammar, punctuation, spelling etc as illiterate reviewers are scorned in the review industry!
And that's Content Generation Idea 27: Be Helpful to your Followers and Audience and Review a Book.

Do you use books that are related to your industry for content generation ideas?

Did you even know you could do this?

Hope you find it useful!



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Reviews are great and they always do well. It can be great for both you and the reader. It is great for you because if you can manage to get a sponsorship deal then you can earn money for the review. Getting paid to review an item is great because you get extra income from it and you also get to enjoy a product. And it is great for the reader because they can find out what the book is like. If you enjoyed the book then they may decide to buy the book, and if you didn't, they might stay away from it and that could save them some money

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I think this is a good suggestion to get ideas for writing contents. However, you have to take into consideration that reading a book takes a lot of time and effort. So unless you are a book reader then this suggestion is not for you. And if you fall into this category, it would be a breeze to write a book review since you had read the book and probably understood the story very well.

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I think this is the easiest content generation idea, especially if you like the book you're reviewing, you will have alot to write about, that the problem will be space and not content. A book review can be interesting and is not meant to be that long at the same time, you're sure to get readers because your helping your readers make the decision of whether, they want to buy a book or not. Great tip!The challenge would be reading all those books. Remember you need to keep your blog fresh!

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One thing with doing reviews is that one is going to have a kind of connection with the followers of his blog in no distant time and that is a plus in the sense that your followers will go as far as referring others to check on your site for the review of the book that they are looking at getting the summary for. This is the reason when a writer is looking at writing a review, it should be based on popular books that people are really keen to read about.

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That's a good idea having a book review corner on ones site. This would be a good addition to a site and it will also influence more readers to write their own reviews. A movie review would be a good idea too.

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Doing book reviews on relevant topics related to my niche is a good idea. Because reading would be more convenient and enjoyable if I'm reading something that interests me.

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I generate my content using the SEO technique called Keyword Research to find keyword phrases that are of relevance to your industry. For example, if you're in the snowboarding business and you can talk to the best essay writers because they help you in many ways.

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