Content Generation Idea: Go For a Walk!

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Content Generation Idea: Go For a Walk!

Content Generation Idea: Go For a Walk!
I just went for a walk to go and sit over on the beach for a bit and watch the sun go down. Even though it goes down behind me from my beach point. But I done this for several reasons such as just needing to get out of the house for a while for a change of scenery, and also so I could sit down somewhere quiet and do some thinking and writing on my phone. And I love those moments! Because it's in those moments where I can clear my mind, that I can think more clearly about things or even brainstorm up some topics. Oh yes, the best things come to you in moments like that. It's how ideas are born!

And one of those ideas, for brainstorming up all of the content generation ideas I knew of, was just that, to outside for a walk! Because quite often, you can be stuck to your computer, or even pacing madly around your room, cutting shapes into your rug! But you're not literally stepping outside the box! The box being the room you often live or work in.

And when you do, when you do step outside the box, outside of your room, and outside of your house. Wonderful things can happen. You'll not only feel less confined, but you'll feel much freer and one with the outside. But your mind will too! Your mind will associate being outside with freedom and when those chemicals start flowing to your brain, that's when it can really be put to use.

Well I often manage to come up with a few ideas that I hadn't thought of before when I go for a walk. It's a great way to get some air in you, which your brain needs to work efficiently anyway. And just a great way to brainstorm things. Sure, you could brainstorm things at your table or desk. But do it when you're outside and you'll find more things come to you naturally. I find anyway.

So that's my content generation tip for you. Go outside for a walk! You don't even have to take a pen and notepad with you or your phone even. I often do though so I can write in it and occasionally take the odd picture when it needs to be taken. I often find it's when I'm without a phone the moment to take a picture or a video of something comes up. That's mainly why I'm never without it!

And although it might not work for every business. By taking photos of things, those can be turned into content also. As an example, I took a panoramic photo of the sea walk near my house. It was just a basic quick left to right view of the walkway that goes on for miles from Brighton to Portsmouth Harbour (about 40 miles). Although this just a small section of it.
Content Generation Idea: Go For a Walk!

I know, it doesn't look like much, and we have shingle beaches not sand! Content Generation Idea: Go For a Walk! But there are some really interesting places along this walk. Like old ruins and monuments from WW2 when these sea walls were heavily defended with gun point and bunkers and things. Plus some spots that are said to be haunted by the smugglers they used to bury alive up to their heads in the sand and leave them there when the tide came in! Yikes

Well I didn't mean for this to turn into a history lesson! But I'm just showing you part of one place I sometimes like to go for a walk when I need to think up ideas for blog posts, articles and things of that nature. While being out in, nature! Content Generation Idea: Go For a Walk!

So go for a walk! Clear your head. Take a pen & pad or your phone with you. Sit somewhere quiet and secluded. Breath in some fresh air and clear your head. Now you can really think without distraction. Other than the seagulls! Content Generation Idea: Go For a Walk!

How Going For a Walk Can Help Content Writers

  • Helps to clear your head and free yourself from distractions like noisy neighbours, TV's, music, phones etc.
  • Gets you out and about if not for 20 minutes so you can get some fresh air; the brains much needed fuel.
  • Clears your head so you can really think about things clearly and brainstorm things much easier.
  • You can take photos of things which you can then spin into great content that can even help improve local rankings.
So remember, there's lots of good reasons how just going for a walk can help you with coming up with ideas for content to create etc. And if you're a local business especially, taking photos of things you see when you do, and then creating content posts about them can really help your business all round! Content Generation Idea: Go For a Walk!

Do you like to go out for a walk to think up and brainstorm content ideas and things?

What other ways can going for a walk help when doing so for content generation ideas and brainstorming?




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Taking frequent breaks and going outside for a walk is extremely beneficial not only for content generation ideas but for us, as individual and as writers/freelancers/workers. I have found so much inspiration and new content ideas by simply observing the nature, breathing the fresh air and walking around the streets. You will be surprised by how many new things you can see if you simply take your time to truly look. It might sound silly ''Oh, hey, need new ideas? Go for a walk'' but it does work. Try it for yourself.

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I agree that not only does going for a walk clear the mind and awaken the brain, but it does offer ideas and inspiration that you might not have had otherwise. When I go for a walk, I like to walk along a trail that goes from the end of my street to a local park and nature preserve. Some sections of the walk are immersed in nature--peaceful, quiet, rarely another person, lots of flowers and trees--and these areas give me time to clear my mind and reflect on ideas. Other parts of the walk allow me to be an observer--watching people, observing wild life and nature. The observation parts of my walk often fill me with ideas as I imagine stories behind the people or animals I'm watching. Ultimately, whether going for a walk brings new ideas or not, in the least you are giving your body and mind a chance to be healthier and that can only lead to more good things.

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This is great advice. There is a LONG tradition of walking in literature and how it inspires writers and creates a thoughtful and meditative state of mind. Emerson, for example, came up with some of his most amazing ideas and philosophical treatises on his walks through the woods. Walt Whitman would walk the streets of Manhattan and be flooded with ideas and observations. Countless Eastern mystics touted walking and surveying the landscape as inspiration for their poems, stories, and tracts. The rhythm of walking with the solitude it provides creates an ideal space for liquid and liminal thought and a place where the imagination can flow freely.

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Going for a walk is great. It allows you to clear your head and relax a bit. This is especially important if you have already been writing blog posts or content for a long time. You need to make sure that you get a break and what better way than to go for a quick walk. And if you have writer's block, a walk can help you to come up with some ideas for content. You might see something or someone that gives you inspiration to write about something. It could also help you to relax which allows your brain to think more clearly and come up with some ideas for content.

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When I have some kind of a mental block, walking is one of the activities that always opens my mind so that I have new ideas (besides being great for health).

I live near beaches (I take it as a privilegie becuase it's really amazing!), so... This kind of activity is perfect for me and works wonderfully well.

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This is a good idea. Walking for a while can really clear someone's head especially if that person has been writing for very long hours. Walking is a good activity to add in order to put a balance between writing jobs and raking breaks. It is also beneficial to the health. Walking at for at least 30 minutes a day is a simple yet a good workout. It's actually ideal for everyone. I suggest walking to different places to see different things that can help in coming up with more ideas. You get to enjoy its health benefits while you generate better ideas for writing. This increases productivity as well.

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Yeah good idea, no point cooping up in the home or room and breaking out sweat thinking of ideas. A walk to the park, shopping mall or the housing area helps a lot. De stress and get more ideas

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For me, walking away from the computer is one of the best means of unblocking a writer’s block. When my mind goes numb due to too much writing maybe, I had to walk somewhere, better if outside the home just so I can get away from the computer. We have a village park that is a nice place to relax when I feel tired of too much thinking. It can also relieve the stress when I see the children playing and some aged people doing their workout in that small park.

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Whenever I have the writer's block I usually go out with my dog for a walk near to a lake which is not far from my home. I have to admit that the fact that I am in nature makes me feels better and fresh. Interacting with others at the park also helps me to get ideas at times. Conversing with others really helps. I also feel relaxed when I am at the park and this helps me in concentrating and unleashing new ideas.

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Exactly! The best way to deal with mental block when you are writing a project or an article is to take a break and time off from the writing. Take a step outside and get fresh air in and out of your lungs.

The walk is some sort of an exercise, it serves a good more purpose other than to help you clear your head and get some great ideas for your new articles. It helps you to keep fit and healthy, no matter how you look at it, exercise is good for the body no matter how small the exercise is.

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I agree with this. We all seem to forget that a big part of writing is inspiration. This is what a good walk does it gets our creative juices flowing. That's why writers, especially fictionally writers, go to a cabin in the woods or they go to the beach, when they want to write. Places where it's easy to take a walk in nature. Walking is also my favorite thing to do. I normally take a long one on Saturday or Sunday afternoon. This gives me a lot of inspiration and new ideas for my articles.

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I normally go for a walk when I get mental block or writer's block during my writing sessions. These long walks helps me to clear my head and have a calm mind and thoughts to resume my writing with fresh ideas. So, it's definitely going to be possible to generate content ideas when taking a walk and observing what is going on around your environment.

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