10 Best Tips for Great Content Writing

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10 Best Tips for Great Content Writing

1.Use simple language, avoid long and complicated words that the average person might not understand.
2.Use short and simple sentences.
3.Write in short paragraphs of 2 – 3 sentences long.
4.Plan your content ahead of time so you know what you need to cover
5.Break up your content using headings
6.Cover the topic properly without rambling on and repeating yourself.
7.Be unique and be yourself while writing. Find your own writing style and stick to it.
8.Use a thesaurus and find synonyms for words that you use often to create variety and make your writing interesting.
9.Use power words for important points you want to stress, such as in your call to action.
10.Write a catchy headline using power words.

I hope you have found this helpful, if you have anything to add please join in the discussion.


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My first tip would be to: figure out what your audience demographic is! Because once you know that, all of your tips Lynne will fall into place.
For example - 1. Use simple language - sure that may be the case but if you are writing about solar energy panels, for example, you nee to know for sure how skilled and developed your readers are in that particular field. Because if they are experts in a certain domain, using simple language and not direct technical words, would put them off and consider your article too childish.

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Cristian yes of course, when you are writing about something that is highly technical yes I agree you will struggle to write in simple terms LOL.

If you are writing a technical article then you need to use that jargon so people know what you are talking about and even more importantly that the people reading the article know that you know what you are talking about!

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Every single point that you have written is correct. For me, I think the most important is to write short sentences and to make sure that you write short paragraphs. There is nothing worse than looking at a blog post that someone has written that is just a massive block of text. It just puts you off, to be honest, and you feel like you just don't want to read it because it just looks so boring and long. Your content could be Abou lately amazing but if it is not in short sentences and short paragraphs, you could be losing potential readers.

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That’s my style in writing – using simple language. I have to admit that I have a small vocabulary that I sometimes get lost for words that I would consult the thesaurus. But most of my friends praise me for that kind of style. They say that my articles are reader friendly which means it is easier to read than an article with not so common words that you would be needing a dictionary to understand. But with the short sentences, no, my style is free style so the sentences and paragraphs can be short but later on would be longer. It depends on the subtopic that I am writing.

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I have been using synonyms for some time now as I was continuously using the same words in my article which made my writing appear bland. I have now learned new words and I can say that I have a much richer vocabulary. I also make sure that my contents are of reasonable lengths as at times the visitors may get bored reading the content if it's too long. I always make sure to choose the right title for my content. This is one of the things which will actually drive people to my blog.

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Thanks for this one. It's really helpful specially for the beginner like me. Honestly, I need to read more articles to learn about being a content writer. I do writing but never publish it yet. I'm still gathering more information to try this career.

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Great tips. I agree with you Especially in this error of social media, you need to churn out constant content at the fastest rate possible. It is important to make your content as simple as possible. You also need to make distinguishable points. I agree that short paragraphs are best. From a personal point of view when I'm reading an article and I see acres and acres of text that is the first turn off for me. I think that people try to copy other people's writing style that's where your writing goes wrong.

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