Content Related Services. How many services are there?

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Content Related Services. How many services are there?

Hey guys,
I thought I'd share this with you, and I would also love to hear some input and some of your advice and ideas. Let this be a great source of knowledge, tips and tricks about content writing related services!

So first off, most of us are aware what a content writer is. Basically a person who writes content in any form or shape.

However, if we try to look deeper into this, what kind of content writer can you be, and what kind of services can you provide as a content writer?

I'll start with this, (even though I know several other things to, I want others to fill in the gaps so to speak.)

  • Article writer. (Can write articles for a blog, website or a forum.)
  • Sales letters. (Basically a person who writes the text on a service description, a sales copy or an email.)
  • Forum posting.

Other than that, what would you suggest? - And what have you've been hired for during your career?


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Blog commenting. I hired someone to comment on my blog before when nothing was happening and it really helped to liven things up!

I have had lots of people try and hire me to do content writing and I have usually said no LOL. I am too busy with my own websites to write content for other people haha.

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Hmmm good question! I suppose, quite a lot when you come to think about it. Because people need content in many different ways and for many different things. Let's try and talk about and hopefully cover most of those things that people need content for. That you can provide! Content Related Services. How many services are there?

What do people need content for?

  • Website content such as blog posts for their blog. Or even product content such as product descriptions.
  • Article content for article marketing purposes or even Web 2.0 building.
  • Blog comment content as Lynne pointed out. There's lot of people that need blog comments content.
  • Forum content: Lots of forumers out there need threads/posts for their new forum.
  • Video content: Although this is mostly design/images/video it can be written content too.
  • Review content: People always need reviews written for their products to kick start sells with.
  • Infographic content? While most infographics are visual things, they still often have written content in them.
  • Resume content? There's lot of people that would like a resume made for them and need someone to help with it.
  • How to content: There are many how to guides that can be written that tell people how to do something.
  • eBook content: Again, lots of people need content for their eBooks, stories or novels, parts of it.
  • Case studies, Podcasts, Interviews, Research and Ideas.

Okay that's just some things people might need content for off the top of my head. As for what I would suggest, if you are good at writing in any way and have any experience in it as you do, then do and offer all these things if you can. You could start an individual service for each of them, or you could start one service that offers all of them in that service. A kind of all-in-one service if you will. Content Related Services. How many services are there?

As for me, I've been hired for most of those things in my time. With the exception of Infographic and Resume content as that's quite a new and exclusive thing but I'm thinking about offering it as a service since you may remember my post about Infographic Resumes and how they are going to eventually replace the boring old white paper CV of yesteryear. I reckon anyway! Content Related Services. How many services are there?

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Ok well Mike has just covered it all here hasn't he?

Love all these content services Mike, thanks for sharing.

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What about micro niches when it comes to writing services? For example, I know a lot about freshwater aquaria, I used to have active services both on fiverr and seoclerks offering ONLY freshwater aquaria articles and content.

I think this is the next step of content services, offering general stuff isn't sufficient anymore, you need to explain to potential buyers you have extensive experience in certain fields.

I can also write articles about ship building for example because I've worked as a engineer a couple of years and I learned a few things about this industry.

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There are various kinds of writing services. Article writing and content writing is what we tend to hear mostly about in a marketplace. However, there are also product reviews, which are very popular from my experience, story writing, blog posts, and ebooks. I used to write many how to articles back when I started writing. Those used to be quite challenging as they were quite technical in some cases, such as when you need to list tools, materials and steps. However I know that they are among the most popular kinds of content online. Then there are also proofreading and translation services, and rewriting of course, which is a favorite of mine.

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My main line of freelancing is providing contents for forums. I enjoy that work because I get to learn something from what I read on the boards. And unlike in blogs, forum posts are shorter so it takes lesser time to understand what I am reading which gives me an easier time to for my response. But I also have plans of being an article writer although maybe it is the blog that I am targeting in the future when I diversify with my freelancing.

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