Content Generation Idea: Famous Quotes, Proverbs and Theories

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Content Generation Idea: Famous Quotes, Proverbs and Theories

Are you inspired by famous quotes and proverbs? You should be because they are famous because they are so inspiring! That's what makes them famous! Some quotes and proverbs go down in the halls of history and are used decade after decade, century after century, over and over by people to help them get through their day! To give them motivation and inspiration to carry on and succeed!

And you might not have known it, but quotes and proverbs can be ultra useful in helping you to come up with content generation ideas. And all you really need to do is search for famous and inspirational quotes and proverbs and then read them. Just by reading through them, you'll probably be able to come up with a few ideas for new topics to cover in your content and posts.

Plus you can also find quotes and proverbs for things that are connected to and related to your niche industry. And as a working example, we'll be using dog training again, we'll have a quick search in Google Images for things like "famous dog quotes". As you can see from the screenshot I took below, there are literally hundreds and thousands of these! Just look through them and if you see any you like, look at it and think about how you can come up with content on it.

Content Generation Idea: Famous Quotes, Proverbs and Theories
From just these that show alone, I can instantly spot a few that I could make a topic on. The one that says "You know, a dog can snap you out of any kind of bad mood that you're in faster than you can think of." And that's so very true! You could come up with and create a whole content piece (article or blog post) just on that one quote alone!

Another is the one that says and asks a question of "Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?" That's a great question to ask if you're a dog blogger in a blog post. You could ask that as the title of it and then write out ways in which dogs can make you happy. You could also write ways in which your own dog or dogs make you happy and ask your readers to answer the question themselves as to why their dog makes them happy too. And you'd probably get a lot of answers!

And of course, this can be applied for virtually ANY niche whatsoever! Even the most obscure niches can use this tactic for coming up with new and great content ideas! Just use the same search but replace dog with your keywords. Examples would be (if you're in these niches) "famous SEO quotes and proverbs", or "famous diet quotes and proverbs", or even "famous music quotes and proverbs". You get the idea! Content Generation Idea: Famous Quotes, Proverbs and Theories

Theories for Content Generation Ideas

Do you know of any famous theories in your niche? Perhaps some age old rule of thumb that everyone follows and adheres to religiously. Well you can use these theories for coming up with some truly great content generation ideas and topics. And since these theories usually carry a lot of weight with them (like the theory of gravity), you'll likely notice a lot of response from these types of posts too.

The trick here is to find and identify those theories that people in your niche industry have. Then see if you can come up with a different theory for it based on what you know about it. A theory that suggest and offers an alternative way of doing things that people have been doing for the last few centuries or decades or years already. People love to learn about "alternative" ways to do things so it can work really well!

How to find theories in your niche industry? Again this is just really a matter of searching for them in Google mostly. If you was in the dog training niche, just try searching for things like "dog training theories". Bang! That's going to give you tons of potential theories you can cover in new content. Obviously replace "dog training" with your niche keywords.

What you need to do though is look for those theories that have a lot of detail about them. Look for theories that have been "dubunked". Since these will often provide great insight into those theories and why they are good or bad.

And that's basically how you use Famous Quotes, Proverbs and Theories for coming up with content ideas! Content Generation Idea: Famous Quotes, Proverbs and Theories

Do you use Famous Quotes, Proverbs and Theories for this purpose?

What other unique spin on it do you take when going about it?


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Now THIS is a great idea for generating content. Sometimes, I go to sites, such as BrainyQuotes.com, and read quotes until I get inspired. You can also establish a bit of instant credibility by incorporating relevant quotes into your blogs and content to show that you have "done your homework", so to speak. I enjoy reading the great words of the great minds who have come before me, and obviously, that inspires me to want to create quotable and timeless content myself. If your work is quotable, then you must be doing something right, in a sense.

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Quotes are very handy especially when you're trying to convince an audience which is what most writing is about. Quoting famous people like Richard Branson, Rumi, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs ,and Einstein really helps get your point across. I write widely in the Marketing field. One person I like quoting is Jack Ma. This usually does the trick convincing my audience. Especially because Jack Ma is known for his sucess selling on the internet.

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I use quotes every now and then in my articles. Using quotes actually, help me to elaborate more on the subject and also come up with new ideas. Using quotes make your content more gripping which can help in increasing the traffic to your blog.

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Who isn't inspired by quotes and proverbs? But the quotes don't have to be famous or uttered by a famous person. Family and friends are often loaded with wisdom, and the things that small children say can sometimes be quite profound. I am at a forum and they have several quote threads. I enjoy reading them and I also enjoy contributing. Sometimes I even quote myself! LOL. Content Generation Idea: Famous Quotes, Proverbs and Theories Quotes and proverbs are great for inspiration and/or for enhancing or amplifying your content.

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When I'm using quotes as a core for an article, I always relate it to current issues. Many quotes around is really relatable especially those inspirational one. Today's society are full of negative things and I think reading old word of wisdom could really change our outlooks in life. In writing this kind of things, I share sentiments and back it up with common scenarios found most commonly on our daily life so that readers can understand easily.

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I agree that many old quotes are relevant to what most people are going through in life today. I know a 'Guru' who read a quote book that had about thirty quotes the whole year. He spent the whole year figuring out 30 quotes.This is how serious a good quote can be. After that he wrote five books based on his personal interpretation of those quotes. That is how good quotes can be as content generation material.

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