Content Generation Idea: Write about Popular Movies Related to Your Industry

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Content Generation Idea: Write about Popular Movies Related to Your Industry

Content Generation Idea: Write about Popular Movies Related to Your Industry
Aren't the movies wonderful things. Although most films are wholesome and hearty. Some aren't so much, like horror movies. But even horror movies can be popular and they could even be somehow possibly related to your niche industry and the people that use it. Such as by how someone is affected by something, and the problems they have with it. Think about it! What good movies have you watched that are somehow or have something in them, some scene, some person or story that is somehow related to your business. Since there are thousands of different movies that all probably reflect some real life scenario, there is bound to be some good, popular movies that also reflect something about your business, product or service that you sell and provide.

How to use Movies for Blog Content?

As a typical example of how to use movies for blog content ideas, let's say for example, you're in the Internet Marketing industry, or you're just a freelancer that's trying to make a name for his/herself and you want to create some cool blog posts on some cool movies that are related to that industry in some way. As it turns out, there's lots of movies that are about marketing and selling things. One great movie that I would talk about for example maybe, would be The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 with Leonardo DiCaprio. Have you seen it?
Content Generation Idea: Write about Popular Movies Related to Your Industry

It was a book at first, based on the true story of Jordan Belfort which charts his very animated rise from nobody much to a wealthy stock broker living the high life. And how if you let greed and corruption get the better of you, you can fall into a life of crime, destruction and ruin. But that was really mostly through Jordan's own doings and that of his peers.

It really is a proper Martin Scorsese classic I think and a super popular movie that is highly controversial and serious fun to watch with all the sales tactics that he uses. Some of which are just highly laughable today and would make for great joke content that would be highly engaging and shareable.

You could write about ways in which parts of that movie, scenes or scenarios within it played out and how they relate to your industry. And all you'd have to do is watch the movie and jot down some of those scenes from within it as you do and then at the end of it, go and write about it. Or, just write them as you're watching it that way you kill 2 birds with one pebble.

And this can be done for all different movie genres too. Not just horror movies, action movies, espionage movies? Comedies, dramas, sci-fi or even war films? Romantic comedies, martial arts to musicals, to post apocalyptic movies, satire etc & more!

Think about it, how many times have you watched a movie and thought how something that is going in within it that is poignant, important or interesting or even funny in some way that could relate to your business, industry or even targeted audience that you could create a blog post from? Tons of times if you watch a lot of movies! Content Generation Idea: Write about Popular Movies Related to Your Industry

And that's just basically Content Generation Idea 26: Write about a Popular Movie Related to Your Industry.

Do you use the movies for content generation ideas like this?

What other ways can you use the movies for coming up with content ideas?

And with that..

Content Generation Idea: Write about Popular Movies Related to Your Industry


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I agree that incorporating popular current movies into content is a great way to attract readers and keep their attention. Commentary on a movie reflecting social, cultural, financial, or any number of other issues in reality is good way to discuss possible controversial topics without being offensive. Movies such as The Avengers and X-Men series may seem completely unrelated to reality but it is actually very easy to relate them to important aspects of our lives. The classic battle of good versus evil is a story seen in movies countless times but it will always be relevant. The battleground changes but the basic ideology does not. I would use movies like the X-Men series to address issues such as discrimination, racism, nationalism, and governments working for or against citizens.

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I agree that you can use a movie that you have seen for a topic to be discussed in a blog. However, it is not really the movie per se otherwise it will turn out to be an advertisement of the movie you are talking about. Besides, the reader’s attention should not be diverted to your business. So maybe you can make an excerpt of some scene on how it is directly related to your agenda. For example, there’s a dog in one scene and if your niche is animals or pets, that’s it, you can use that scene as an excerpt.

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