Content Generation Idea: Using Charity Events and Fundraisers

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Content Generation Idea: Using Charity Events and Fundraisers

Do you want to have your business recognised as one that's a positive influence by being shown to help out local charities (or even International ones) by spreading the word about their events that are taking place in your locality as well as on an International scale? Who doesn't!? Well by using local charity events and fundraiser, you can not only come up with tons of great content for your site or blog but also help to build some respect and credibility to your business as well!

Content Generation Idea: Using Charity Events and Fundraisers

Using Charity Events and Fundraisers for Content Creation
To use local charity events and fundraisers for content creation, one only has to look into what local charities there are to them and then find out what events they are holding in your area. Or even events that they have held which you can ask about. But if you can find out and then attend these events, that will not only show your charitable, caring, community side but it will help you know more about how the day went and then you can simply write about it!

The best thing to do is take a long a pen and pad with you and jot down all the things you see, some of the people that attended, some of the other businesses that attended etc too. Write down all about the main reason that particular charity event is taking place and what they hope to achieve with it and why. Write down some bullet points about some of the things done to raise money and then expand on them in more detail when you're writing your post.

It's basically the same with fundraisers too. These are events put on by people or local businesses to raise funds for some good cause. Those causes could be something like, a new roof for their local community center. Some work done on repairing a wall or a drive way. Or new computers for their local schools or libraries etc. What you need to do is find out about any local fundraising events that are taking place near you and then write down things about them like why they are being held, who's holding them and what the day went like, how many people, or businesses attended etc.

What if I'm Not a Local Business?

That's fine! If you're not a local business then there's another way around this. What you will want to do is find out about any charitable events or fundraisers that are taking place (regardless to where they are in the world), that are somehow related to the type of business that you are. So let's say for example you're a website that sells funky dog collars, you could find out about any events or fundraisers that are taking place to help people with dog training or dog disobediance classes etc.

Then to find out about them, you could send an email to those held the event and or check community boards in your area or even just go online and search up charitable events and fundraisers that are somehow connected to your trade, business or industry. Then just start writing about them! By doing so, you'll not only come up with some contnet for your site. But you'll be helping them too by building awareness of those charitable events and fundraisers and also showing off your companies caring, community side!

Do you use charity events and fundraisers for content ideas?

How else do you find out about these for this reason?


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It's a great thing to do but you have to be careful that your business does not look like it is just using charity events and fundraisers as some sort of a public relations exercise. It's definitely a good thing to do but you have to be careful. I think it's important that you try to concentrate more on the charity event and what happened during it. You should try to give a bit more publicity for the charity which would be great for both the business and the charity.

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When you say event, there are people who will participate. Just with that premise, an event is already rife of ideas for writing contents much more if the event will be conducted by a celebrity host and sponsored by a known big company. Much more if there are celebrity participants. In the last Iron Man competition here, it was participated in by several popular actors and actresses that’s why it got a lot of exposure in the media and social media as well. As they say, people make the world go round.

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A great and novel idea this is. Charity and fundraising events can really boost your writing career. You forgot to talk about having a camera with you. Good images can also tell the story.

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I think that this is a very good idea for generating quality content for your website. Most of the times these events are well covered due to the celebrities attending such charity events. All the information that is available in the media is centered around the celebrities. If you are able to give a detailed account of the actual event along with the presence of the celebrities, then such a descriptive account may become more successful and also increase the traffic on your website

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