Content Generation Idea: Listing Your Favourite Writers

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Content Generation Idea: Listing Your Favourite Writers

Content Generation Idea: Listing Your Favourite Writers
Okay so in our last posts on 101+ content generation ideas, one of them was for highlighting your favourite clients. And this one is sort of similar to that. But instead of listing and talking about your favourite clients, and what makes them perfect clients. For this method of content generation, we'll be talking about listing your favourite writers! 

Now as a blogger, or even as an affiliate marketer, there are bound to be some books you've read by writers and authors that you like the most. By the way, this doesn't have to be just for writers, it could be for your favourite bloggers or even journalists too for that matter.

Well what you could do is just write a post about the people you follow, those other bloggers or even authors of books you've read that inspire you. You could write about who you follow and why. What it is about that that makes you follow them. As well as what your followers or even clients might get out of following them also.

And that's a good thing! Because it will show you care to share. While most bloggers don't like talking about other bloggers and or giving them any kind of kudos (even if they've majorly inspired them). By writing about them it will not only give you something to write about, but it will also show your caring/sharing side too!

So think about it! What writers, authors or bloggers are there that have inspired you in some way? Who out of them inspires you the most? What about them is it that does actually inspire you? Ask questions like these then start jotting down the answers to them. Before you know it, you'll probably have a 1000+ word post!

And the good thing about doing this? Well it's that you may probably have many people, writers, bloggers or even business (similar and related or not) that do inspire you. So you could do a blog post on each of them each and every time rather than just one whole post that covers all of them.

So that's basically how you can come up with content generation ideas by listing your favourite writers and or bloggers!

Question Time

  • Do you write about your favourite writers and or bloggers for content generation ideas?
  • What other ways can you use these people for coming up with content generation ideas?


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Two of my favorite writers/bloggers are: Glennon Doyle Melton and Evan Carmichael. I do write about both of them for content generation ideas but in completely different ways. Glennon's work inspires me to explore my raw authentic truth about being a mother, which I address frequently in my own writing. Evan Carmichael on the other hand, is my go-to writer when I write about topics I've studied in-depth to help others make progress in their daily lives.

I can use both of these writers a guide when generating ideas about what has worked well for me in my own life to develop myself as a writer. They are both so transparent about their journey and process of becoming a writer that it helps me better document my own process.

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I can see how this could be a great blog, and it is one that I would not only want to write but one I would also find myself wanting to read. You could pick ten of your favorite writers, find your own unique reasons for appreciating them, and them write about each one while including specific quotes from their works which really moved and inspired you. Come to think of it, this could actually be a really good series because to do this right and thoroughly would produce some pretty in depth and long articles, I think.

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Great idea on how to generate content by talking about those that have inspired us in one way or the other. I am sure that by talking about them, we get to do more articles that can go for weeks about them.

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I don’t think this is an easy one because my favorite writers are not really that popular like JK Rowling or Agatha Christie. Most of the writers in my list are local writers who write stories in the magazine. One writer is named Nick Joaquin who is already gone but his writings are still being read. In fact, one of his masterpiece was made into a movie and was shown this holiday season. Yeah, maybe it would be interesting to read about the writers and it would depend on the way the information about them is presented.

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I haven't considered such means for generating content ideas, it looks pretty sleek because such people have lots of ways to inspire us and taking advantage of that will definitely go a long way in helping one to develop new content with great ideas.

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Back in college, my article about my favorite author was published in the school publication. I was shock because I didn't expected it to be part of it as was just a write up for our English class. My article talks about Nicholas Sparks how his books would always bring tears to your eyes and somehow get you brokenhearted. I explained there that his experiences in life could be the reasons why he had such great scenes in his story that is both realistic and very authentic. If you had read his memoir, you really could understand why his book A Walk to Remember is such a heart-wrecker one. All in all, i greatly admired this man for his awesome works.

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Am not sure that I understand this content generation idea. I don't see how writing/listing your favorite authors will draw an audience or will interest people. This is unless you are reviewing their books. My favorite author keeps changing but at the moment is Clare Connelly who writes romance novels. She writes beautifully. I have read many romantic novels from when I was in grade 7 and her books are different from other authors. I think that I would be interested in learning about other good authors and so would other people. However I don't see how just listing them would help.

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I adore the writings of Shakespeare and Alistair Macklean. I have once done a quiz on William Shakespeare but I have done nothing on Macklean.

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I don't use my favorite writers to generate ideas for my content. However, sometimes I borrow quotes from them to support my ideas. But I suppose now that you've given me the idea, I could write about why a particular writer inspires me.

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