101 Content Generation Ideas: Documenting Buying Processes

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101 Content Generation Ideas: Documenting Buying Processes

101 Content Generation Ideas: Documenting Buying Processes
Are you a business that has a blog that needs content for it? Content that is related to your business that you think your readers will actually enjoy reading? That will prove to be content that will be valuable for you later on down the road in the long run as well? Well, if that sounds like you, then you may be able to come up with that in content by just documenting your buying trips! Those trips or journeys you make when you actually go and buy the very things your business buys that make up the product or products or even services that you sell!

Now this would work better for more brick and mortar businesses that do have a blog they want some juicy content for! Especially if you're a business that sources local products, especially! As doing this then can actually help and improve your local rankings too. But even if you're a business that hunts around for great unique deals, and special offers on things you buy as a business.

Well have you ever thought about documenting your trips and journeys and adventures and experiences and more and turning it all into content you can put on your blog. You could even record the whole experience from where you went, what happened, how much you paid, what offer you took advantage, why you bought what you did etc and things like that.

And that would be very valuable not only for other people, businesses etc that also locally source things or even nationally do and want to know where people are buying them from and for what price and what special offers are available for it at any given time. That kind of content, especially video based is always hot and popular since it can mean big money and they want to save! 101 Content Generation Ideas: Documenting Buying Processes

Documenting Buying Trips for Content
Now as I said this would work better for a local brick and mortar business (that just means any business that has a physical premises and sales something by the way, I'm not just talking about actual brick and mortar businesses obviously) but even they could benefit from this! But this method does work better for some industries than it does for another such as the food and drink industry, restaurants etc. Think about it, your customers would probably love to see where you buy buy your ingredients from and how and that's just one part of it.

You could document this whole process in many ways, either in one big post that documented most of your trips or even for putting details about who you buy from and why. Or you could even do it in a series of posts or even every time you do go shopping continuously and forever although that might get a bit repetitive. But there's lots of ways you can spin the whole experience into content! 101 Content Generation Ideas: Documenting Buying Processes

Reasons to Document Buying Processes
  • Great way to come up with very good content that people actually want to read and know about.
  • Great method for coming up with tons of great content for your blog that can help in the long run.
  • Can help with showing off your transparency as a business which is something people really value.
  • Can be turned into both contextual content and video content as well for YouTube domination etc.
  • Can be turned into podcasts and listen-alongs as you go through the whole process.
  • Can actually help to improve your internal rankings for local keywords related to your niche.
Over to You

Do you document your buying processes and then turn it into content?

What other ways can you document the buying process and what other benefits are there for it? 101 Content Generation Ideas: Documenting Buying Processes

Cheers and enjoy!



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I've done this once or twice for my blog since it also serves as a personal journal for me. I've documented a few purchases from sites that I was using for the first time at the time and I wanted to do it that way partially so I'd have an outlet for if the site turned out to be a scam, and in that way I could have proof of what I went through and also it could serve as a warning for my readers. Thankfully all those transactions turned out well and I didn't have any negative experiences to report, but it was very nice having done that because it alleviated a lot of my stress due to the uncertainty and also of course it provided me with great and lengthy content. Great tip, thank you for sharing, I agree completely this is a great topic to use as content!

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I have never thought about this to be fair but I guess it is actually a really good idea. I'm sure that there are several people out there that would love to read this type of content if it were to be posted on a blog. I think it would be extremely exciting to write about your buying processes especially if you travel to another country to buy a certain product or to try out a certain product that your business may be interested in buying. It may also be a good idea to share your buying tips so that your readers can learn about the process themselves.

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This reminds me of my early days in the bank that I worked for. I was assigned as a methods and procedures analyst. My main job is to write the procedures involved in banking. But sometimes I also write procedures for the purchasing department, their standard in purchases like having at least 3 candidate suppliers and the manner of checking the veracity of the supplies. But I don’t recommend it for new writers because writing procedures is tedious. I would rather enjoy in what I write.

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In all honesty, I haven't done this before but from looking at your explanation on how to use documentaries to generate content ideas. So, I'm absolutely going to give this a try and see what contents ideas I come up with in the process. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.

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Super idea. Most people are now environmentally and health conscious. I'm sure they would love to know where you source your ingredients from. This could generate sales. E.g sales of goods that are fair trade have been said to increase in the past few years. I used to live in the Uk and the sales for these goods were through the roof. You can document this process for your own business or offer it as a service for other businesses online like restaurants and green grocers.

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