101 Content Generation Ideas: Show Behind the Scenes

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101 Content Generation Ideas: Show Behind the Scenes

101 Content Generation Ideas: Show Behind the Scenes
So if you're a business of any kind that needs content for its blog or somewhere else. Content that will result in more natural organic keyword searching engine visitors coming into your site. As well as your rankings and traffic stats improving from it all. And if that business is just some guy in his man cave bedroom on his computer, or in the kitchen or dinning room. Or in an actual office, factory, shop floor or boardroom where decisions are being made and hustle and bustle is going on in the background that is related to what your business is all about and doing.

Then that my friend, is content gold right there! And here I'll explain to you about how you can go behind the scenes of your own business (not matter how small or inanimate you are) and turn that into content magic! 101 Content Generation Ideas: Show Behind the Scenes

Going and Showing the Behind the Scenes
Going behind the scenes, AKA the Iron Curtain,  is where you turn what does go on behind it, into content. By just writing about what happens and takes places on a day to day level in your business premises or even business world. That can go even deeper into talking about who it is you do wheelin' n dealin' with on a regular basis and even what your relationship or partnership together is like. You could take pictures of these things, whatever they are, whether it's a factory floor and lots of people doing lots of different things. To taking video of the day to day goings on that make up the products or services your business provides. To just small places with only a couple of people. Or even just yourself! You could probably show off something that people don't see that makes it tick!
101 Content Generation Ideas: Show Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes in the filming and making of Jaws. 

That could be just your computer in the corner of the room! Where the "magic" happens! 101 Content Generation Ideas: Show Behind the Scenes Anything like that which people can see that shows who you are, either as a business or as an individual, a sole trader, freelancer etc like myself and many thousands of others like me, but more for bigger actual businesses where stuff really does happen and go on behind the Iron Curtain!

So it could be pictures, stories about those pictures, what people are looking at exactly and why and or what happens here to videos about it that talk about it and more. And if you have a lot of different things that do go on behind the scenes then you could be looking at quite a lot of content, that can be delivered, read, recieved in quite a lot of ways.

Smart SnapChat Businesses
101 Content Generation Ideas: Show Behind the Scenes
Most smart transparent businesses today use this method for content generation. Even some celebrities and well known famous musicians do it too. Take Gary Vaynerchuck, he's fully mastered SnapChat. He's just a guy that documented a lot of behind the scenes stuff using SnapChat social media site and it's paying off for him big time!

Just posting snaps of things like "What You Purchased" or "Where Your Purchased It" or "Where It Was Made" or "How It Was Made" types of things where it is your business, product or service and what it REALLY looks like on the other side before it arrives! It's just a great way to get a lot of followers as he has for some popular product, service or business.

Reasons to Go Behind the Scenes

  • To create lots of great content posts that people really want to see and know.
  • Can help to show off your transparency as a business which people value.
  • Can be turned into lots of different types of content like PDFs, Podcasts, Videos, Slides etc.
  • Can utilise SnapChat to great success by snapping behind the scenes events regularly.
  • Can share on other social media sites and gain more natural organic traffic.
Okay so there you have it, I've just basically covered the basic points about using this method and a little tip for using SnapChat for success. I hope this has helped you to see how you can go behind the scenes of your business dealings and turn that into great content in many ways. All of which, can only go on to be of benefit to you in many way.

Do you use this content generation method and reveal the behind the scenes stuff about you and or your business and its dealings?

What other ways can you turn the behind the scenes, screens and iron curtain stuff into content?

Thanks and enjoy!



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Great post! As a filmmaker, behind the scenes content plays a huge in role in every project that I take part in. I love having someone behind the scenes taking photos or developing a video to give people an idea of things that happen behind our productions. It's a great way for people to get to know us, our team, and the product that we end up creating.

I follow a local photographer on Instagram who does good behind the scenes stuff. When she's not posting some of her impressive photos, she's posting photos of her home, or her editing station, or a screenshot of the some of the stuff she works on. You can learn a lot of things about her from these posts. How much she cares about her craft, how kind she is, and how passionate she is about her clients, which is a huge plus for her business, in my opinion.

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I think this is a great post here. I have often grappled with whether or not I want to see the "behind the scenes of things" because I like mystery and not always knowing how things were put together. Plus, a lot of times, I might like an artist or celebrity, and then, when I find out who and how they really are, I get really disappointed and it can hit my belief in people pretty hard. On a positive note, however, like you said, showing the effort that a team is putting into a finished product and all of the expertise and skill and sweat that goes into that can be very empowering and positive. I guess with anything of the documentary sense, the facts can go either way, positively or negatively. I think your take on this concept is really cool in terms of how you look at showing the passion people have in their work through this type of film making.

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Behind the scenes stuff always tend to well with readers. I mean, I have read so much and watched so many videos of behind the scenes stuff that was from the Game of Thrones and Walking Dead television shows. There is just something about those videos and content that really interest you especially if it is something from that you love. The only problem that this type of content will only work for certain types of blogs such as those that write about movies or television shows.

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I agree with you here. I recently got the full boxed set of the Alien franchise. Every movie also came with a companion disc which had a documentary about the making of each film. It was awesome. It took me about three days to finish all of it, but these discs covered the writing, directing, casting, special effects, filming--you name--it of each of these movies, and it was incredibly educational. I really got a sense of just how tough it was to do the effects on the early Alien films without CGI technology, and I got to see how the technicians, artists, and engineers were able to troubleshoot all of the issues which came up with trying to match their special effects with the demands of the writers and story boarders. In this way, I think that behind the scenes footage is totally awesome.

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I agree.Amazing insight. This is the same way celebrities and musicians use behind the scenes footage to generate buzz for their upcoming movie or song. I don't really get snap chat. Why is it different from Instagram or Pinterest? These social media sites are all beginning to overlap. However I think as a content generation idea this would not work if you do behind the scene footage of yourself as a freelancer, unless your audience is other freelancers. I think this idea would work best in the entertainment industry that has a broad base of support.

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I have a friend who writes articles of behind the scenes of movies. But only when he is able to go to the shooting. What’s good in that filming trip is he gets to write articles about the scenes behind the camera, interviews with the cast, director and staff, and sometimes he also has a story to tell about the audience in the film shooting. Definitely, the scenes behind the camera is a good content to write about.

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Wow, this looks great. I have never thought of it in this way before, so I'm happy to have come across such article and the information you discussed here about getting behind the scenes when it comes to generating articles. There are lots of ways to generate content ideas and it's obvious that using this means is very effective. I have asked lots of questions about the essence of using SnapChat and I'm glad to know about it now.

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I think most people are curious about how thin are made. Writing a behind the scenes article is sure to get you an audience. It is also guaranteed to get you content for a number of weeks. I'm sure you have to go into the technicalities of how everything was made and where you got the ideas that inspired you to create whatever it is that you have created. On channels like VH1 behind the scene videos get a lot of views.

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