Content Generation Idea: Phone a Friend!

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Content Generation Idea: Phone a Friend!

Content Generation Idea: Phone a Friend!
Okay now I know this one might seem more like a lifeline you would take in classic Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. And I know it might seem rather obvious or even daft on the face of it! But it's that stigma it has attached to it that makes it one of the most least used methods for coming up with content ideas from them all. But it can also be one of the best methods too that much you'll see here! Content Generation Idea: Phone a Friend!

So if you are getting stuck on content generation ideas and trying to find some inspiration or something that you can write and post about on your blog and or social media sites and that. One way of finding something for sure, is to phone a friend. A knowledgeable and informative friend perhaps. We all have at least one someone we know / are friends with like that right?

Well you can just call them up and say something like (Full pitch coming): Hi mate how's it going? Hey listen [NAME] as you know, I'm a [writer/blogger/affiliate marketer or whatever] and I'm trying to come up with some stuff to write about on my blog. Would it be alright if I just picked your brains for a couple of minutes and asked you a few questions about x [where x is your business/product/industry] yeah?

Chances are they'll just say yeah mate go for it or something. Then you just need to ask them some questions about it, where it is your business/product or industry. So it could be something like "How often do you use it, what do you like/dislike about it, what would you change about it if you could. And would you recommend and if so why?" These sorts of things.

Just from those basic questions alone, they should be able to tell you something new that you didn't really know of or think much about before that many other people might think too. Well that's content gold right there! Mind you, it's possible they don't know much about it and they might just go err, i dunno mate, but that's just some people for you! Content Generation Idea: Phone a Friend!

Some Basic Questions to Ask

Okay so I've said some basic questions to you which I'll put here that you can ask people. From these answers you should be able to collate enough to make some content from it.

  • How often do you use it?
  • What do you like/dislike about it?
  • What would you change about it if you could?
  • Would you recommend and if so why?
  • What would you like to see more of about it?
  • How do you think it could be improved?
Of course, you don't have to ask them any questions. Just tell them what you're trying to do and why you're calling them and ask them if they know what type of content they would like to read about within the industry your business/website/blog is in. You could just say something to them like for instance and some examples;

  • Yes mate, tell me everything you know about it in a condensed way please!
  • Dude, give me some ideas for content to write about on my site please!
  • Mate, what sort of things do you want to see and read in my blogs?
And just from those alone, they should be able to know what you're on about and what you're asking for and may just be able to tell you enough to find some content ideas from it. Just remember to keep a pen and paper handy so you can write down interesting points and things they've said that you'll be basing your content on.

Of course, they might not be very helpful or tell you much or just not want to help lol. If that happens, always remember, you could always just call up someone else! But if it does, ask them if they know anyone else that does know about it that can help you. Make it sound like you're being sarcastic but only a very small tone of it and it might just guilt them into doing it muhahahaha Content Generation Idea: Phone a Friend!

Okay folks, that's just another content generation method for you today. Calling or Phoning a Friend!

Is this a content generation method that you use yourself?

Do you phone a friend to pick their brains?

What sort of questions do you like to ask them to fish for info?




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There's something else I wanted to add to this. Something that is fairly important when, if and as and when you use the phone a friend technique. It might be tempting to phone your best mate. But you can kill two birds with this method by phoning someone you might not usually phone. Think of the people that would love to hear from you. Those people would most likely be your grand dad or grandmother even. Since they always like to receive a call from their grandson or granddaughter! Plus, more than this, because they are older, they will probably be more knowledgeable than your best mate is on one particular subject. So yeah, give your granddad or grandma a call and ask them if they know anything about what you need ideas and inspiration for. Tell them what it's for and the chances are they will be able to give you a lot of ideas and inspiration. Oh, and if you like, if you don't have one. It could be anyone else, someone older in their golden years. They are usually much more knowledgeable than people from and around our own age in our own generation. Trust me on that! Content Generation Idea: Phone a Friend!

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That's a good idea, MIke! A lot of older people have some great stories to tell since they have, by nature, seen so much more than younger generations and thus have a better idea of things that could be useful or interesting to talk about. On top of that, that's often an untapped source of audience. Because the older generation isn't really considered to be "tech savvy," there aren't a ton of people writing to that audience. Getting content out there inspired by your grandparents would be beneficial not only because their stories have often been untold and will attract attention, but also because they'll be likely to tell their friends and neighbors about the story you wrote - thus getting your story a larger audience by word of mouth!

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I have never "formally" used this as a content or writing generator, but I do bounce ideas off of friends, of course, in order to get their fresh perspective on my online presence and the quality of my writing. Most outside perspectives on your work, of an kind, are good because it is so hard to remain objective about your own work,

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I do this as well, and I agree that it is very effective. Sometimes I don't think I'm even doing it intentionally or consciously, but instead I would just call up a friend to have a conversation and take a break from work. The pressure can get a bit overwhelming sometimes which does often lead to creative blocks, and I find that just having a relaxing conversation with a friend, even without the ultimate goal of generating ideas, can sometimes lead to the best gold mines of content, since a lot of the best ideas can be pulled just from two people talking about random things with each other.

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I love that you got this idea from Who wants to be a millionaire. An extremely creative way to get an excellent idea that I am sure will be extremely useful to a lot of different people. I'm sure that a lot of friends have some great ideas and could really help us when we have run out of ideas for content or even just have writer's block. It might even be good to talk to your friends about your ideas and they could come up with improvements or even better ideas.

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Wow! This is something I never thought about. So simple and anyone can do it. I have so many friends who I'm sure will come up with something I never thought about.

Now I will stop postponing writing on blogs and giving excuses like work and class. Having a friend suggest content or topics for me by just calling them will now be easy.

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This is similar to what I do. When I am in need of ideas, I meet a friend usually in a dining place where we can talk for hours. It’s just like bonding but for all she knows, I am already picking her brains of writable ideas. That’s the advantage of having a talkative friend who knows most anything under the sun. Talk about insects and she knows it. Talk about rockets and she has an opinion. People like that is an abundant source of ideas that we can use in writing.

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Your write up is nailed to the bottom, perfect and informative too, when I get stuck on writing I call my friends and tell them about the development they cheer me back and give me hint on how to carry on. This process have helped me even with my other write ups, just phone a friend trust me it will help.

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I have to admit that this method really works. I get ideas about what to write by interacting with others at times. I love the information you have provided above. This list of questions will surely help me if ever I call a friend to get some ideas about what to write.

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Haha, phone a friend for content generation idea? Are you seriously kidding me? If I should put a call through to my best friend, we will end up talking rubbish till I even forget the actual reason why I called him in the first instance.

He is the type of person that once we are on call, we tend to spill over silly discussions and even jokingly abuse ourselves for more than 20 minutes. It's actually the reason why he is my best friend. We get along so well.

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I actually think that this is a horrible content generation idea. You will probably make money from your content, so why should someone do the thinking for you. I like @corzhens Idea of picking your friends brain for things his/her brain knows. You also need to do this in a conversational manner instead of in a manner, in that you are having a conversation about something and out of that conversation you will get ideas. I prefer this to calling a friend and asking for content generation ideas.

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