Content Generation Idea: Share Your Success!

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Content Generation Idea: Share Your Success!

Content Generation Idea: Share Your Success!
Does your business have any success stories? If your business is up and running and has been running for up to a year, that in and of itself could be spun into a success story! So if you're looking for some content generation ideas, and you have a business that has been up and running for a while and is going from strength to strength, then that can make for some great content!

Think about it, has your business survived the first year? If so that is success since up to a 1/3 of all new businesses fail within the first year. Go back 10+ years and that figure was more than 50%! It's less today because people have more business sense and can find the advice, support and financing (funding) in more ways than ever before was possible today.

But more than this, not only can your success be turned into content by just writing down what those things are, but it can also make for some really great information for people and other businesses to read. Sharing your success story on your blog can showcase your roots and actions and things that have happened that made your business into what it is today.

So if you have any kind of success at all. Whether it's from getting the funding you needed, to getting the premises or equipment you needed. From getting your first client and customer. From reaching and hitting and achieving your goals and targets, or other things you could call a success, from just writing about how you're managing to survive. That's all great content!

How to Create Content From Your Success

  • Think about the things that you or your business could call successful.
  • Write down in bullet style format what those things are with descriptions of each.
  • Create one blog post or break them down into a series of posts for each successful thing.
  • Create a kind of story to it as well, some background information on how it came to be.
Do that for each way your business has been successful, and every time that it is, such as when your business reaches some new milestone or achievement. That could be as something as small as taking on new staff to upgrading and overhauling some equipment. Your clients and customers would love to hear about how what they love is made on/in/with. Content Generation Idea: Share Your Success!


While not every business has a lot of success. And while some of them just kind of chug along. Just remaining in business for up to a year (for new businesses) can be deemed a success! And when you think about the things that had to come to be before your business could even start up, well those things are content generation ideas right there so write about them! By doing so, you'll not only be able to come up with some great, insightful information about you and your business, but people will appreciate that you've told them and want to share in your success too. Content Generation Idea: Share Your Success!

Do you write about your success for content for your site or blog?

What other ways can one write about their success that they can share with their readers?




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I have no issue when writing articles and blogs for several sites. I have written many articles for iwriter where one is given the topic. But when it comes to writing for sites where I have to think of a topic and churn out an article I can do it easily because I have several interests. For example I have a passion for photography. Each photo tells a story. What more can I ask for and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have a passion for gardening, pets, reaching out - I throw parties for the less privileged each year and help those in need.

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People love reading about success stories because it gives them ideas and inspiration. Who doesn't want to become rich and successful? Everyone and most people that read blogs will want to be able to be successful therefore they will be extremely interested in success story articles. If you are able to write how you became successful and share tips on how your readers can become successful then readers will love your content.

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I think people like reading more about it than writing about it. Many success stories are too painful for some people to decide to have the attitude of writing them down. It should be very difficult when the road to success is not very easy, but certainly such stories are always very interesting to read.

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I think this kind of subject always generates great articles (if you know how to organize the ideas), but not everyone likes to write about it because it's a very personal thing for some of them (because it can involve a very difficult road until the success).

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Success story is indeed a great idea to share when writing. What makes it more inspiring is when it is written in such a way that the writer shares the journey from failing to bouncing back to success. This makes the readers realize that failure is always a step towards success and this can somehow lessen the fear of failure. A lot of people are not trying because of that fear. Writing how you have overcome and rise from failures gives the readers the hope that they can do it too. After writing about the journey to success, it would also be a good idea to add tips on how to be successful to make it informative and very inspirational.

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I have not written any success story but this is something I will consider doing in future.

It will be nice to share with readers how you started out, the obstacles you faced, your inspiration, how you managed to be successful, what you needed and finally advising your readers who want to be successful just like you.

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I consider myself a success in my chosen career especially if I would mention the 30 years of my tenure in our office. However, I don’t want to sound boasting that’s why I don’t think it is proper for me to write about my success. But I can write the success of other people especially those people who are close to me. There was a time that I wrote an article about the career of my sister. She was the chief nurse in a government hospital at that time.

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I started my business last year and I am happy that my business is growing. However, I have not been able to achieve all my objectives and I am currently working hard to reach my targets and capture a bigger size of the market. I have a long way to go to be a highly successful business. Nowadays, you have to compete so as not to be driven out of the market. It is not that easy to maintain competitiveness. You have to continuously innovate and improve your marketing techniques. I just hope that one day I will be able to share my success story.

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I agree that if your business can survive past the first year this can be considered a success and something you ca frequently write about that will help the millions that are out there. One year may not seem like a long time, but with new technology and with things changing at a rapid rate, one year is a really long time for most businesses to survive. If you can write about this regularly you are set for content.

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People will always like you if you share your success story with them and sharing your success story can be a very effective idea to generate good quality content. Your success story can be very inspiring to all the newcomers in the industry and also to those who want to take there first step in your field. People would always listen to a success story and give attention to a person who is successful. They would want to be in your place someday and experience the success that you have achieved.

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