Choosing the right ebook subject?

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Choosing the right ebook subject?

I've been planning to write an ebook for a long time now. I always start writing like the first 10 pages but end up abandoning the project later on.

Anyone here with experience in writing ebooks?

I know the actual subject and niche of the future ebook is your main problem. If you plan writing a tutorial based ebook you clearly need o have extensive knowledge in that field. For me, that would be SEO, I know I can find a micro SEO niche to write about, doing general stuff is already overdid but hundreds of publishers, so going on something completely different that isn't yet on the market would be my approach.

I want us to share ways tips on writing an ebook, like how long should it be, how much of a price should I ask for it and where exactly do I sell it?

I know wordclerks would be a great platform to sell my ebook, but what about other marketplaces, anyone here has the experience of selling ebooks on amazon?


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I hope this topic will be smashed with good replies and tips!

I'm an author and I've written a few reports and ebooks, although I've never written an ebook of something totally unique or something that never have been covered before. When I wrote my latest "money making" ebook I literally bought and read a handful of similar ones. Ebooks in the same niche and about the same topic. I knew that it would be a waste of money by buying all of them but I did it as some of them could have included something totally unique or different than the others.

I did this to find out how they wrote it and to get enough inspiration to write a better copy than I've read myself. I didn't re-wrote their products or anything like that. When I priced it, I did what I usually do. I set my price too low. Instead of charging $27 right off the bat, I sold it for $9,97 to begin with. I increased my price to $27 and lowered it to $19, which I've been selling it for since then. I've also had it priced at $12 during a week or so.

The reason I did this, was due to the fact that I wanted honest reviews from actual customers. I gave away a few copies for free for this purpose too. I usually sell my ebooks on WF and on blackhat forums for starters. And to my previous, personal clients of course.

When it comes to pricing I would say, try to compare your product with another, similar one, and set your price to whatever you want with that in mind. If you think it's worth $47, then you should just go for it. In case you think it's better to sell more copies, then I would suggest to set the price to anything between $9,97 and $27. The reason I use those price tags is because of WF. WSO's often goes for $7, $9,97, $12, $17, $27 and $47. It's quite unusual to see a WSO for $11, $15 and $25 for instance.

I hope we'll see many more great replies in this topic, thank you!

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Andre I am wanting to write some eBooks to sell. Some will be for my mommy niche so mommy stuff like breastfeeding... but I also want to write online marketing ebooks and ebooks about addiction.

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"I did this to find out how they wrote it and to get enough inspiration to write a better copy than I've read myself."

I think that this is a really good way to go about things. Here's the thing: there are no original ideas out there. If you've thought of something, I guarantee you someone else has as well. But it's also true that all original ideas can always be improved upon. Seeing how others went about writing their content, learning from it, and making an improved version of it is a great way to find success.

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Man great topic. I've written several eBooks in the past. For myself and for clients. I've never sold them (the ones I wrote) though and usually gave them away for free as a bonus gift for subscribing to my blog or for following me or something. It was and is a great way actually to get subscribers for your newsletters and followers for your social profiles to this day since everyone likes a freebie! Choosing the right ebook subject?

But I'm actually in the process of writing one of my first eBooks that I will put up for sale now on something that I already provide. So it's the complete guide to knowing and doing what it is I do for people to get them ranking on first page of Google. I'm like you in a way, I've written most of it, but I get so sidetracked and tied up in other things that I haven't really had the time to sit down and brainstormalypse it as once I get into it, it can take up many hours of writing time and making sure it has a lot of informative and valuable content in it.

I've purchased quite a few eBooks in my time and I've been let down more times that I've been impressed. So I know what it takes to make a good eBook and not something people will instantly claim a refund on! Also that goes with the territory no matter how good your eBook is! If you're selling something in the public domain, there will always be those that will get a refund no matter how much it helps them! But I think it can still be worth it if you are touching on a popular subject and showing people how to do something or solving some problems they are having. And in general it can still be worth doing for that reason alone.

Of course there are other benefits to selling your eBook as well. It's not just a way to earn some extra income from those that do pay for it and let you keep the money lol. But it can also build brand awareness and help you establish yourself as an expert in your niche.

In a nutshell, identify an area or niche you are skilled and experienced and knowledgeable in. List out some problems people have in that niche and research the solutions to them. Then provide the solutions to those problems in your eBook. Make it long enough so that it covers everything in fine detail (people appreciate that). But not too long that it's just a big brain overload and a bit of a bore.

And no I haven't sold an eBook myself on Amazon but it is something I was considering with my own. Hence all the hard work on it and attention to detail etc that will go into it to make sure it is kind of Amazon worthy in case that's something I want to do. Choosing the right ebook subject?

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I have written one eBook and I give it away for free on my website to my subscribers when they sign up. It is only 19 pages long but it is normal writing with no big spaces LOL and it is packed with good information.

You know what you should do? Go to Pat Flynn's website and download his eBook about writing eBooks. I loved his eBook and I used that to get through writing mine. I think he also had some tips and things on how to go about selling it too, I am not sure though because I knew I was writing mine to give away for free so I wasn't concerned with selling it.

I am hoping to write more eBooks in the future. I want to write a few for my addiction website.

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Choosing the right ebook subject is extremely important because it affects you massively. If the subject that you have chosen for your ebook is not something that you are interested in or something that you are not very good at then you will have trouble because like you said, you may end up getting bored and giving up halfway through or you might not be able to finish it off because you don't know what to write. It's also important to choose the right subject because you want a subject that a lot of people are interested in and will purchase. You don't want a book that you have spent ages writing and no one purchases

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The right topic for an ebook, is the difference between its success or failure. So choose wisely. It is rough though when you are well-versed on a subject, but feel or know that the audience for it isn't large enough to release a successful ebook about the topic.

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