Brand Building & how I attract new eyeballs to my clients businesses. Part 3

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Brand Building & how I attract new eyeballs to my clients businesses. Part 3

My Brand building business. Part 3.

Instead of spamming forums and blogs with urls and poor text about the website I want people to visit, I do my research.

I knew exactly what I would do for my clients, so I started to analyze the entire business I had in mind, and I did an abridgement of the entire business.

I polished it. And I suddenly saw a handful of key elements I just had to mention for any potential clients.

"I will write 5 forum posts for $2" - is quite a common title.

The description is often something like this:

I will write 5 forum posts in whatever niche you want me to. I will write using my own experience and you provide the niche. My expertise are pets, freelancing and design. I can work with other niches too but I will be best at any of the given niches.

I will help you to get your forum going and become more active. I will create topics and invite others to join the discussion. Everything will be done manually.

Well, something like that at least. In my case, this could obviously fit too, but I wasn't looking to attract people to the forum. I was looking for a way to lure people to the mentioned site, or to make people aware of a website's existence.

Most of us knows that you will be flagged or that your posts will be deleted if you spam or include urls in your posts. - So how could I make sure that my posts would stick?

As there's no guarantee's for that, I couldn't be certain of it. - But I could to things a bit different compared to others, so I still contributed to the forum. - That way the moderators just couldn't delete my posts as if they where worth nothing.

And that was the "breakthrough moment" I was looking for.

I ended up using my personal forum accounts. Accounts I had used for years. I started to be more active in various amounts of forums. And I started to contribute in whatever thread I found. - Without urls or anything like that.

This was strictly to build more reputation and credibility.

When I had 5 accounts or so, on different forums, I approached a client and I asked him if I could do this for him, for free.

As soon as I mentioned "i will advertise your site" he was hooked. He wanted me to promote his webshop and I did.

The thing is, that I can't analyze the traffic. - I can't see how many visits he got and I can't see how much I help my clients.

And that is obviously a reason for my clients to start doubting me or what I do.

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This is where I stop when it comes to trying to promote my own websites on forums... I know that to get my links and comments to stick I will need to spend a lot of time adding value to the forums and building up a reputation for myself. I just don't have the time to do that right now.

And that is why I would rather use someone like you Andre! Great post thanks.

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Building links on forums don't worth it anymore! If the forums is inactive it usually has a spam fest going on, so you don't what to get backlinks from such a place. If the forum is active and alive, moderators will not allow you to post links, not even if you write a big high-quality piece of content.
You have to first become a part of the community and that takes a lot of time to acquire, hours and hours spend on create content for the forum only to publish a couple of links, take a lot of time...

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Yes that is what I thought. I joined a few forums a while back and I have never had the chance to go back and post anything or get involved. I would think that you need to an active daily visitor for a long time before anyone will trust you.

I know that for example on Reddit I got flame grilled by members for posting links. I know Reddit has rules and all but at that stage I wasn't aware of quite how crazy they are about any self promotion. I guess forums would be the same.

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Indeed! - I probably spent a year or two in total, building my forum accounts, reputation, credibility, post count etc, before I started my business. However, I didn't join all of these forums 1 or 2 years prior my business launch to launch a business in the future.. But I figured, why don't use my reputation as much as possible? - And I did. And it worked.

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Of course, you choose the right forum to post your links. However, the issue is whether the admin or mods will permit it or not. In worse cases, you can even be booted out of the forum for spamming. But on the other hand, if you had established your personality in the forum and you are a respectable member, I'm sure the admin will give you some preferences when it comes to posting links.

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I see your point Lynne and this is something I struggled with too, in the beginning. I had a few account on different forums which I'd already built reputation for, but I needed so many more accounts and I had to join a handful of new forums too. - That said, I did all of that and I personally used about 40 different forum accounts in total. In 40 different forums.

- That was extremely time consuming and I was able to keep it up for a decent amount of time, but I couldn't do it forever so I established my own team instead. I hired a few people who helped me do this, and at the same time, they created their own forum accounts too, so we improved our accounts and our service simultaneously.

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