Content Generation Idea: Featuring Local or Regional Celebrities

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Content Generation Idea: Featuring Local or Regional Celebrities

Content Generation Idea: Featuring Local or Regional Celebrities
Hello all. I hope you've been following along with my series on 101+ content generation ideas and enjoying reading them as well as picking up some actual content generation ideas. Oh just to clarify the obvious by the way, just in case, what we mean by "content generation ideas" are just ideas for things you can write about! As we all sometimes struggle to come up with blog post ideas, article ideas etc. And obviously we want to write about something that's worth reading. Something that will work on favour and benefit to your blog and the people that read your content and posts. And one of those ways to give people something interesting to read that can work out in both your favours (your site and its readers) is to provide content that features local or regional celebs! Content Generation Idea: Featuring Local or Regional Celebrities

Featuring Local or Regional Celebrities
Okay in one of my last content generation idea posts I spoke about how you can use new book publishers for content generation ideas. How you can reach out to them to interview them about their new book. And if you're in a niche that their book covers or touches on in some way then that can have a lot of benefit for your site. But those new book authors will be looking for all the publicity they can get to help them promote and market their book. And likewise, celebrities rely on publicity as it's how they make their living! Content Generation Idea: Featuring Local or Regional Celebrities

And if you do this right, you can reach out to those local celebs, or even those regional ones and interview them and then feature that interview as an article/post on your site/blog. The trick is though is to contacting them in the right way and through the right medium. Making sure that your request lands on the right desk at the right time sort of thing.

At the basic level you could just tweet them or send them a message on Facebook or something and ask them them if you could hold a quick interview with them or even if they would answer a few questions and in return you'll post about them on your site which you'll share to your social media followers and blog readers and the like.

And most celebs, at least those that aren't quite "world famous" yet, would go for that if it means they get some free extra publicity and promotion from it. Of course, I know you're thinking, but my blog isn't about what those celebs do, but if they are local to your business or even regional, by writing about them, that can also improve your local and or regional rankings too.

And as for which types of celebs to contact for this reason, it could be any kind of celebrity from politicians to business CEO's, Directors and leaders of non-profit organisations etc. It could be Olympic athletes, world record achievers, local athletes or sporting heroes (whoever scored the winning goal for the last local football club team game win for example).

So as you can see, that's basically how you would do this and can use those local or regional celebrities for content generation ideas. You would just have to find a way to interview them basically. It could be done on the phone, on Skype or Whatsapp or even by Email. Or you could even meet them and record it which you can then turn into a Podcast as well.

And I think that says all that needs to be said on how to feature local or regional celebrities for coming up with content ideas. Content Generation Idea: Featuring Local or Regional Celebrities

Is this something you do for content generation reasons?

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Me and my classmates when I was in my junior year would interview our local celebrities specially the members of our Local Government Unit for our journal at our school. It was really a fun and learning experience because we have learned a lot from those people and as we write everything that they have said, we would come up an idea for a good content which we will publish to our school paper. We've received positive feedbacks by doing that.

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Where I live south of Atlanta, the Walking Dead is being filmed, and they just finished filming Stranger Things 2 in the downtown area of my hometown. If I could have infiltrated these shoots with a camera and some connections and charisma, I am sure I could have started an incredible local celebrities blog that would get tons of traffic. Alas, I do not have such connections, and so, this did not come to be. However, because of some of my academic connections from teaching, I could probably interview, on film, some local poets and writers. Now THAT might really be something that could boost my writing blogs a bit.

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I have a friend who writes articles for a movie industry website. He collects names of local celebrities and their origins. His specialty is in writing the background of celebrities like from what province was he born and how he came to be a celebrity. His articles are interesting to read because it is full of information about the celebrity. One reader remarked that the writer had bared the soul of the celebrity in his article. It’s rewarding to read a comment like that. And to think that the writer just compiled the facts and presented it in a nice way.

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It is great to have a chance and opportunity to see those celebrities. And it doesn't matter for me whether that is regional or local celebrity as long as they are famous. Lot of people will love that if ever they have the chance to see those celebrity the want to see.

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It's a fun way of generating ideas. I've seen local celebrities sharing truths about their lives. It's special because you get to know the person for who they truly are. I'm glad that I got to see it happen.

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Exactly! Local celebrities are most likely to have stories about their lives that touches the locals as well because they still mingle with their grassroot residents unlike the popular celebrities who are in the city. So, getting to share ideas and discuss with such regional celebrities will add so many content ideas up for you.

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I think that the prospect of using regional or local celebrities seems good enough because sooner or later, these individuals operating on a low key will grow to to the top of the food chain and once they are there, they would most likely never forget you that gave them attention when they were nobody. Every big famous celebrity we all know today started somewhere as a local or regional celebrity.

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I guess this is a good idea. I guess this would get your an audience especially if you write about a celebrity that is very popular and also trending, this would work as the perfect click bait even if what you have to say about them is nothing new. A word of caution though is that you have to be careful to report truths because the celebrity could sue you for defamation especially if the content has the ability to affect their lifes negatively.

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This is a very simple but an amazing idea to boost traffic to your blog but I guess it can be often ignored by bloggers. I have been doing this since my school days when we used to interview the teachers, politicians, government officers living near our school and publish their small interviews in our school journal. Often the work one has done can reach to the readers all over the world and one does neglect the readers and traffic in the local area and the city he lives in. if you are able to publish such interviews on a regular basis then it will definitely boost your traffic significantly

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