10 Top Writing Tips for Young Authors Today

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10 Top Writing Tips for Young Authors Today

10 Top Writing Tips for Young Authors Today
Now is an exciting time for young authors today what with many more new opportunities for young people today than there ever was or used to be for authors "back in the day". This is the day now, especially for young authors because there is more demand for fresh new content, stories, scripts, plays and more that people want to read or read about! And the thing about writing is that everyone can learn how to do it and there could be a work of art masterpiece inside each and everyone one of us! There are many old writers and authors now that are older now probably but started off young with not many writing skills that went on to be a success!

And it all really takes is just starting to be a writer or author! Literally, some people just wake up one day and say, today I'm going to pursue a writing career. Or, today I'm going to start writing a book or a novel or something. And then sit down and actually do it. And sometimes, some of those books and things they write go on to become popular and useful to people and really get around and help you get off the ground in your writing career. That's basically how it work! Give or take a few connections in the right place.

In the right place at the right time.

If you can write, then there could be something like that within you. But unless you sit down and right it out, how will you ever know? And that's a question many successful writers and authors answered by just doing it or at the least, making a start on it to see what happens! And what's the worst that could happen? The injury rate for writers is super low. And that's the thing! Just maintaining a sense of humor! I don't mean in your writing (although that's usually welcomed), I just mean in your mentality towards it. Towards writing a book.

And if you can do that, and you just start on hammering something out, and you finish it and get it out there, and get in the right place at the right time. Have it land on the right persons desk at the right time of the day, then yours could be a success. And the many writers and authors that have been will testify of that! 10 Top Writing Tips for Young Authors Today And if you want that to be you, but you're a young, aspiring writer or author today. Then here's 10 top writing tips for young authors today to help with finding success as a writer and or author.

1. Switch Off The TV!
The TV is the world biggest hypnotist! That oblong box in the corner of the room, or hanging on the wall since most TV's are flat screen TV's today. But the TV is a pure mind suck! It will suck in your mind to whatever is on and completely distract you from the task at hand. Sure, the TV can be useful at times for watching things, programs and shows that inspire you. Sure! But generally, what's on TV is pure tripe and wont really inspire you to write and be a writer/author. So turn off the TV, sit in a quiet room without it being on and you'll be distracted less and write more!

2. Read but Don't Just Read
Every great writer and author through the years of history have read a lot of books. And still keep reading more now. But not just reading them, actually studying them and learning from them. And one of the best ways to become a great writer or author is to read those great books by great authors that have gone before you. Doing so will not only increase your vocabularly but give you a lot of insight into what a great story is structured like and tons of other writing tips as well just by reading and then studying them.

3. Write All The Time
When you write all the time, you're constantly keeping your writing muscles flexed. This is why athletes train all the time. Sure, it's more of a mental thing than a physical thing. But it works the same way. If you stop writing for a long time, or take long breaks in between writing, when you do get around to it, you wont be able to flow as easily and as naturally as you would if you was writing all the time. And when it comes to writing, you are always learning. So keep writing, even if it's just something small every day, to keep those writing muscles (mental muscles) flexed and working at optimum performance.

4. Learn To Write Well
This is another reason why you should keep writing all the time, every day if possible. But by learning to write and write well, people will respect that you've learned to write well and respect you for it as an author. You may already be a great writer that can already write really well. But again, you'll always be learning as-you-go. If possible take some writing classes! You might feel and think that you don't need them. But they will usually always teach you something new about writing that you didn't know before and that can only go on to make you a really great writer, that writes well.

5. Become a Spy
No I'm not talking about working for MI6! But rather just becoming a spy of other authors. I'm talking about spying out those books written by authors that are well known or even know so well known. Read their books and think about how they have done what they've done. Think about their level of writing, learn from them all that you can by spying on other authors. Whether they are authors in the same genre of you or not. It doesn't really matter. The point of it is to spy on them in a way that you can learn something from them which you can use to improve your authorship skills with.

6. Get a Thesaurus
A Thesaurus what's that and why would I need one? When I was growing up, we had a massive Thesaurus and I learned a LOT from it. Even in my teens I would always be using it to look up what some words meant and learn other words from it. It's where I got most of my writing skills from (apart from at school) and it increased my vocabulary exponentially. I knew about words and what their meanings were long before my other peers had even heard of those words let alone what they meant. From the Thesaurus, my vocabulary was bigger and better than their's and I knew it!

7. Simplify
Sometimes, for an author, things can seem overwhelming. Especially if and when you have a lot of writing projects going on at once. It can be hard to know what to pick up and focus on and what to put down and drop. When that happens, simplify! By simplifying things, it will make it much easier for you to stay focused on one thing at a time. But I'm not just talking about focusing on one thing at a time to simplify, I'm talking about actually making things easier for yourself. Streamlining your work schedule etc. Anything that makes your writing time simpler is a win win for me!

8. Learn The Rules Before You Break Them
Every industry has its own rules to it. Even the author, writing industry. And as an author, you'll need to learn and know the rules for yours. And you've heard it said before that rules are for breaking. Well that's not really that true since rules are for enforcing. But sometimes, rules can be bent a little before they are broken completely. Learn what the rules are in your genre or niche industry and learn about how you can bend them to your advantage before you actually break them.

9. Learn What Interests People
Once you learn about what sort of things interest people, you will be in a better place to provide them something to read about that really does interest them. There are literally billions of different types of people in the world and they all have their own interests. Some of them share interests too though. Such as some people are only interested to read novels or even autobiographies. Some people are interested in reading about real life things, real life stories etc and some of them are interested to read about horror, thriller or even romance. Learn what interests them and then write about it.

10. Ask for Criticism
One of the best things you can do for yourself as an author, as a way to find inspiration as one, is to ask for and take on criticism! Don't be afraid of it! Sure, some people will over criticise you. And some peoples critics will just be wrong. But don't take offence to it if you asked for it! Instead, learn from it and grow from it. Use it as the steam to power your dreams! 10 Top Writing Tips for Young Authors Today

And that's my 10 Top Writing Tips for Young Authors Today.

Do you use any of these tips as an author yourself?

What other tips would you give to young authors of today?



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I agree with all of these. The only one I would add is persevering. Like Dory on Finding Nemo "Just keep swimming!" Not giving up is the key to completing a writing project. Not just to exercise your writer's muscle, but to actually complete the project. Keep going!

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I do agree that never giving up and focus as well as motivation are things that young writers should develop. As a writer constant practice, nonstop learning through reading are keys to becoming a good writer.

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What is giving me hopes is that those great writers who have made a name did not get it overnight They took years to complete a book and had to face many rejections. This is what budding writers should also know so that they do not lose hope when their work is rejected or they feel they are taking too long to complete their projects.

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That's a comprehensive list given by OP. I would like to add that young authors should take some time to travel and explore new places. I find that I write best when I go to city outskirts for the peace and quiet environment. It's also important to not feel shy and ask people to share their stories with you. In that case, you might get new ideas which you might never think of at home. It's important to find new stuff and be daring so that you can find the 'X' factor for your content.

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wow, this is a great article which I would agree almost half of the tips. Read and don't just read. I agree that most of the time I read but do not understand what the content is all about. Understanding is the key to find ideas to write for my own site. Knowing what the readers are looking for in the market is the niche topic that not everyone could write out in breeze. People prefer to read failures than success. They want to know the root of the failures.

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I think the point about turning off your television and the one about writing all the time are extremely important. If you want to write and if you want to write something that is amazing then you cannot afford to have any types of distractions around you. A lot of people have gotten used to background noise which is why I think they like to have the television on sometimes even though they are not watching it. You may not think much of it but it is extremely distracting for your brain. Keep everything off and be in an environment that is quiet and relaxing for you to write in.

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I apply all of your tips above each time I write except for one thing which to write all the time since I write only part time. You are write about those tips. The idea is to eliminate distractions, learn from successful authors, and be sensitive to the interest of readers. One important thing I would like to add there is being informative instead of being hateful. A lot of fake news are spreading nowadays. Some people write without integrity for the sake of propaganda and money. It is very important to be truthful so writers can be educate people with their informative articles. Also, writing should not be based on bias and hate. It is not supposed to provoke attacks which start a fight or argument between people. Writers should promote learning, not destroy other people.

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It is important to know the criticisms on your work. I think that is the best way to improve your craft. And to be good at it, yeah, I agree that you need to know the rules before you break them. That’s one good thing for the grammar since the spelling is not much of a problem now with the spelling checkers around us. Another tip is to read and read. Put something in your head so you can have something to pick. It’s already input before output so the more input then the better for your output.

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A lot of people don't do well with criticism or being criticized. I have seen a lot of war of words get initiated when one's work is criticized and I wonder why some writers don't appreciate when their work is being attacked by critics. In my opinion, critics shows you what you failed to do in your work and it's all up to you to accept your pitfalls and make amendment where necessary.

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For my own idea about tips to our young authors nowadays, since they are still young they still also have a chance to become a writer. As a advice, they should try their best and try harder until they are young because when they did that a lot of time, I guarantee that they can reach those dreams they want such as become a famous writer.

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I wish I had started writing when I was much younger, I would be a Shonda Rhimes and be worth a couple of million by now. I like your tips to young authors. The problem is that most parents never look at writing as a career path, they still emphasize the old professions like law and medicine, which in my opinion are losing their appeal. If you discover early enough that you want to write, you're very luck and are on your way to make millions. The good thing about writing is that you can do it as a side hustle. I know someone who is on track to pay off their mortgage in 10 years instead of 30 because of writing part-time.

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Television is one major distraction to one's mental development when it comes to learning. Spending too much time watching the programs packed on television channels wouldn't do you more good because most of them are basically fashioned as entertainment which may not help you become a better author in writing when you want to. Reading wide is the most effective and efficient way to get all the skills and knowledge you require to be successful writer.

Thesaurus is a great addition to one's books for study because it will make lots of synonyms available for you to expand your writing. There are some words that are too obsolete to use in modern writing, the use of thesaurus will give you fresh new words to make use as your diction.

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I agree that writers are made not born. You cannot be a great writer overnight and it take a lot deal of process before you could build a name. However, many parents wouldn't think writing as a career. They want a solid job for their children to be able to support themselves in the future. A career in writing is really hard as little or less opportunity is available and most of the time they choose experienced one. However, today's generation could be a good time to start practicing since they can have many source of ideas found online.

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I disagree with this advise. A few months ago I was all for it. Now that I have been writing for a while I realize that writing is an art, it is a creative process. We all try to make people the same and use the same process, but it is not possible and it is not that simple. All you need is to put pen to paper regularly, how you get to this is up to you. There is no formula. Write from your heart and pass on your message and you will be fine.

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This is great! It will be helpful for a lot of writers our there. Thank you for posting this one.

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