Content Generation Idea: Listicles

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Content Generation Idea: Listicles

Content Generation Idea: Listicles
If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests? Content Generation Idea: Listicles Brain teasing teasers aside, on a more serious note, listicles can be useful in helping you come up with some great content! And I'm not talking about actual top 10 lists, although those are very good for helping you come up with content ideas such as my content generation idea: Creating Top 10 Lists will show you. But this one is going to be a little different from that one because listicles don't necessarily have to be top 10 lists. They can just be lists of just about anything. Plus it's a really fun word to say! Listicles, listicles, listicles! Content Generation Idea: Listicles

Hey what's the fun of me sharing with you all these content generation ideas if we can't have a little fun along the way? And that's the great thing about using these content ideas, not only are they useful for that reason, but they can be a lot of fun to go about doing them when creating your content too.

What's a Listicle?

In short; a listicle is basically an article that's in the form of a list of things. Some very big and popular sites use listicles to great affect such as BuzzFeed and Digg use them all the time and their readers just eat them up! That's mainly because of their "bite size" nature of them. They are quick and easy to digest and make for some really informative reading too!

How to make a Listicle?

This would largely depend on your industry but in their rawest form, they are just basically a list of things that are relevant to your industry or business. What you would need to do is list out some things that people can relate to within that industry or with your business. Such as a list of reasons why people would want to use your business/product or service etc. Then all you need to do is just write these out in a list format. Here's a live example of what I mean for 24 Signs You Belong In A Different Time Period

And that my friends is this content generation idea: using listicles. But I'll leave you with another real live example by creating a listicle here  Are you a blogger that needs content for your blog? Here's a listicle for reasons why you should use WordClerks for your blog content as a working live example. Content Generation Idea: Listicles

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Do you use listicles for content generation ideas and purposes?

Or is this the first time you've ever even heard of the term "listicle"?


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Your first line made me think of a man I once knew who would do sound-checks, and always speak into the microphone; "ice, ice, icicle. Bike, bike, bicycle. Test, test, testing one two three." Got a laugh every time.

Jokes aside, "listicles" are definitely a great way to create content for readers! Especially with the current state of the internet, a lot of those types of articles are the ones that get the most attention! They're easy to read since they're broken down with easily identifiable headings, and if your reader isn't interested in an item on the list they're more likely to keep going and skip past the thing they weren't interested and move on to the next thing they do want to read, rather than abandoning the article altogether.

While I haven't really tried this approach before, thinking about it logically I definitely want to give this approach to writing a shot! What's the worst that could happen?

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I believe that listicle is a pretty good way to leave precise information in a form that is simple and short. As much as the information is easy to digest, not every business can do well with listicles as they might want to share lengthy information which is pivotal.

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Yes, because of the likes of Buzzfeed and Cracked.com, listicles have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. A lot of this popularity I think, is due to our decreasing attention spans. We don't want to read extensive articles on a certain point, but would rather consume one medium sized article that makes 10 or so clearly divided and concise points on a topic. I think listicles make for easy readability, which makes them a huge asset, especially if the information you're trying to convey can be written as pointedly and precisely as possible.

I've been meaning to try my hand at listicles in an attempt to get the formula more down pat so I can market that as a writing skill of mine. I think one downside about listicles is that they are so popular, too. It's a double edged sword, really. Because of their popularity, everyone is trying to use them, which not only leads to potential oversaturation of the medium, and can also lead to sloppy listicles. I've seen this very often, where listicles promise to provide all kinds of innovative information on a topic, but upon reading it, I find the points to be generalized and boring, stuff that I didn't need to spend time reading in the end.

It's important that your listicle also be entertaining and unique, or at least provide a little known perspective.

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I like Listicles especially as blog posts they are easy on the writer as they structure and map out your writing especially when you are doing your research which can be a herculean task in itself. They also make reading the article fun and enjoyable for the reader. Ever opened a blog-post,just to see acres and acres of words?Doesn't that turn you right off? You also have to be careful with listicles. Keep the numbers short. Maximum to nos 6, so that the article is not too long.

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To be honest with you, I have never heard of Listicle before until now I came across it here in this content and I must confess that after reading through it, I can agree with you that it seems like a good idea and a great way to generating good content ideas. Wordclerks is a platform that have great writers and using Listicle will definitely work.

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Thank you for explaining what a listicle is and for providing an excellent example. It's not really my style, but I think I can adapt. By the way, I already knew I belonged in a different time period. Content Generation Idea: Listicles

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I think this is easily the best content generation idea for any good blogger.I think it also keeps your audience engaged because inevitably you will break your content into many sections. This is easier for your audience to read and digest especially because you may have sub topics on top of every point. You can also come up with your own unique points, that may or may not originate from old listicles. It will be fun coming up with your own ideas for listicles.

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I have heard and read listicles but I have never thought about them as a source to generate content. I do agree that a listicle is very informative and precise and quick and easy to read. Most of the readers who want a precise information about any product or service would definitely prefer to read a listicle instead of a long article. I think one has to have a very precise knowledge and lots of information about the subject when he writes a listicle. I think given the amount of information and data that a listicle provides it can definitely be a very good source for generating quality content

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