10 Questions to Ask Content Writers Before You Order

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10 Questions to Ask Content Writers Before You Order

10 Questions to Ask Content Writers Before You Order
When it comes to buying article writing services from content writers, we all want the best quality article content written for us. Fortunately, with the WordClerks Marketplace, you can sift and sort through the best of the best by most liked, most bookmarked, most rated etc etc. As well as even sort by user level so that you can find services by level 3+ sellers only. Even being able to sort by response time and whether they are phone or address verified etc. All pretty useful when you're looking for the best content writer WordClerks has to offer!

But other than that, how else can you find out if the writer you want to write for you, is the right one for your needs? Well by asking them questions of course! And from their answers, you can know whether you should hire them. Or not! 

1. Are You An Native English Speaker / Writer?
Not always that important if their English is good but for some writing tasks, you'll want to hire only an English native speaking writer so they know the difference in their homonyms and idioms etc etc.

2. What Is Your Turn Around Time?
If you're ordering a batch of articles, you'll want to know how long it will roughly take to complete them all. For 5x 1000 word articles, you'll want them all written and completed in about 5 days time maximum.

3. Have You Ever Write For x Niche Before?
Where x niche is the niche you want them to write in. For ordinary niches, you might not want to ask this. But if you're in a very complicated niche to write for (example: medical niche) you'll want to know if it's something they can write in.

4. How Will You Do Research For My Article(s)?
The best content is always content that has been well researched. But that is an art and a skill in itself. It might not be enough for you for them to say "Oh, we'll just Google it". While that might help, getting an insight into their research methods will help you to know whether that's something they have a lot of experience in or not.

5. What Is Your Work Schedule Like?
Obviously you want to know that they don't have so many article writing tasks that you're going to be consigned and consolidated to the bottom of the pile and have to wait until they complete their current writing tasks first before they even start on yours. 

6. What Kind of Content Do You Most Like Writing About?
This is where you get to see where they really shine! If a content writer likes to write about certain things then it's likely that's where they're really excel. It could be they can write equally as great articles in niches they don't like writing in but it's worth asking because they might like to write about certain things that you're in and can get them to write them for you.

7. Will You Be Able To Incorporate My Keywords Naturally?
When article marketing, you're doing so to target some keywords. And you'll want those keywords to be placed within the article in a very natural way. Not forced so that it doesn't flow right and doesn't make sense when it comes to your keywords. So you'll want to know if they will write around your keywords and not write and then add them in after.

8. What Industries Have You Written For Before?
This is where you get an insight into just how much writing experience they have. Now most writers will just say many, many niches from A-Z just to get you to hire them. But a true writer that has truly written for many niches will be able to tell you off the bat just some of what those niches and industries are. 

9. Can I See Examples of Your Writing Work?
All great, strong and popular writers will have written so many articles for their clients that they will have many articles they can show you as example. If any writer hesitates here and can't show you anything it's highly likely it's because they can't and don't have anything they can show you. 

10. What Do You Need From Me?
At the minimum, a writer will need to know the niche/industry you want the articles to be in. But this might not be enough for you. Remember that when you hire a content writer it's a two way street! They should request not only the niche/industry from you but also topics and subjects to actually write about. All good writers will ask specifically, what you want the article to be.

And that's my 10 questions to ask a content writer before you hire them!

What other questions would/should you ask a content writer first before you hire them?




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This is a very good guide for both sides of the coin. Clients need to know what to ask and freelancers need to know what to answer. These are all the same questions I answer when listing my service anywhere. You might also need a freelancer contract if it looks like a long-term deal.

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This is an amazing article which contains great questions that everyone should ask their content writers before they order from them. The first few questions that you stated are extremely important because they all have an impact on the quality of the article. If the content writer is not a native English speaker then it may cause a few problems as the grammar in the article/content may not be perfect. Of course, it may not matter all the time because there are some people out there that have English as their second language but their grammar is perfect.

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Sound very demanding but I guess this was right if you really wanted to find a good one. This will help especially if you will gave out much money for their work.

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