10 Super Easy Ways to Write Better Blog Post Articles

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10 Super Easy Ways to Write Better Blog Post Articles

10 Super Easy Ways to Write Better Blog Post Articles
You know, when it comes to bloggin', some people do it well, some people don't! Those that do usually have experience under their belts. They are "super bloggers". They've learned from doing, what it takes to write a super effective blog post. It's all pretty much common sense really. So take it from the voice of experience, here's 10 Super Easy Ways to Write Better Blog Posts!

1. Use Real Life Scenarios
By asking your clients, or even those in the same business community as you, what they struggle with the most in in life, as a blogger, you'll be able to come up with real life scenarios in which to blog about. If possible, try to find a solution to these problems as that will earn you maximum respect!

2. Keep Paragraphs Short
Some people write super long paragraphs. I know a couple people on here that do that. And to be honest, it just puts you off from reading it. I like to learn but life is short. And generally speaking, people tend to "skim" large paragraphs rather than read it all through word for word. So keep them short and keep lots of white space in your blog post.

3. Learn From the Pros
If you want to get better at playing pool, you need to play people that are better than you. Likewise in blogging, if you want to be a better blogger, watch how the pro bloggers do it. You can use Twitter lists or just subscribe to their RSS feed to keep track of the latest blog posts from the pro blogger to see and learn what they are doing.

4. Take Advantage of Sub Headers
Using Sub Headers in your blog posts lets people quickly scan and highlight the most important parts of the post. It lets them zero in on the parts of it that are going to be most relevant to what they are looking for.

5. Consider the Post Title
The title of your blog post is the first thing people see and the reason they either click it or don't! So spend some more time on perfecting the title so that it's more effective. The average title of the top 10 search results is around 50 characters in length.

6. Add More Multimedia

You can make your blog posts much more interactive and entertaining than just using text alone. Add in more graphics, videos and even slideshow presentations which you can make on Slideshare and embed into your post.

7. Keep it Trendy
Keep your blog posts current and trendy by writing/blogging about (and being the first to do so if possible) of the latest and newest things in your industry. You can use Google Alerts to stay up to date on what other bloggers in your niche are posting about. That can keep you one step ahead of those blogs that haven't yet posted about the same thing.

8. Blog with A Purpose

It's your blog so you should know what your blogs intended, targeted audience is looking for. So always write blog posts that use the right words for what they're after. Think about and brainstorm some of the things your intended audience is looking for. Then use those words in your latest blog post.

9. Write for People not for SEO
WP Plugins like Yoast force you to write for the Search Engines and not for people. And that's important but people must come first! So write posts that are compelling and engaging for people. Content they will value and not content that has perfect LSI placements and all of that.

10. Write Top 10 Lists
Top 10 lists are very potent and people love to read them. They are great ways to start off a new blog and they can pull in the numbers and even go viral for years to come. This one is a top 10 list (more of less).


Writing better blog posts doesn't have to be a hard thing to do. Especially if you learn from those that have gone before you. Listening to the voice of experience always pays off when you do. And these 10 tips on writing better blog posts all come from someone that has gone before you and are from the voice of experience. Read them, learn from them, apply them. And by doing so, you'll be rewarded for that with more visitors, better engagement and more success with your blog all round! 10 Super Easy Ways to Write Better Blog Post Articles

Do you make use of any or all of these blog post tips?

What other blog post tips are there that are important to make use of today?


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Thank you so much mike for creating this stunning post which makes so much sense . I will practice these tips and put them to use straight away. I my self spend far to long listening to yoast , Does my head in some time as it tells me I should have my keyword at the beginning of main title and in the beginning of h2 tag. For me yoast is weird when it says that as I know it helps members but wouldn't it make your blogs weird if you have your keyword as main title and h2 tag at same time.

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Very informative article. Thanks for sharing your ideas by posting it online. I'm gonna use this tips regularly to develop and enhance my writing skills in English because it's not easy to make an article.

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Writing from real life scenarios is just like relating what you had seen. I have some blogs just like that and one particular scenario I remember is when we went on a vacation and there were vendors selling puppies in the main road. I asked the vendors, there were 3 of them, and they said that it is their livelihood. There are the so called puppy mills in the place that supply them with puppies to be sold in the streets. It was a breeze to write that one because I was just picking out the facts from my head.

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The most important things which will help attract visitors to your blog are the content and the title. If your content is of high quality then there are greater chances for you to be successful as a blogger. If you are not good at writing then you can hire a freelance writer. My blog is on health and fashion and I have interviewed some people and this helped me to get interesting content. Therefore, I agree that real life scenarios do help too.

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Blogging is an amazing way to express yourself to the world. I agree the best blogs out there are those based on personal experience and written from the heart. As a writer it's easier when you're writing from personal experience and have to do very little research.This is why people have a problem with updating their blogs regularly. It's super important to write about current trends. In fact that' s the number one strategy to keep your readers tuning in.

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Your topic is very informative and clear. It can help me a lot soon as I start creating my own blogs. For now, I want to read more and more blogs first. Then, I will try to examine if what you've mentioned also applied to some blogs that I read. I like your number 2 note there, it says that keep paragraphs short. Well, I would totally agree with you to that because I also believe that most people nowadays tend to skip longer content. It means that you only put enough words and make sure that those are the important message you want to convey to your readers.

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I love these tips in particular:

Tip 2. Keep Paragraphs Short
I fancy myself the Queen of Writing Short Paragraphs. I try to keep them short for the simple reason I don't want to read long paragraphs myself, so I figure my reader doesn't either. 10 Super Easy Ways to Write Better Blog Post Articles

Tip 9. Write for People not for SEO
Yes! I love this because the fact is that when you, the reader, find a blog post or an article that is interesting, do you really care about the SEO? Wouldn't you still want to share it with others? SEO can't be disregarded. But the readers are the reason you're writing! For sure they can't be put in second place.

Tip 10. Write Top 10 Lists
I know! I know! I know! But I still haven't done one. … Yet! 10 Super Easy Ways to Write Better Blog Post Articles

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Great pointers to come up with a heavy blog. I love that one about writing for people and not SEO. Actually SEO is people. They seek the best from search engines. If you want to get money get people and if you wsnt to get people then get SEO

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These pointers are useful. I do try to use most of the ideas, but getting media to accompany what you write is not always easy. I too, along with others who reply here, like the comment about writing for people and not SEO. However, I suppose if you want people to find you, you need to write in a way that they think when they search. The title is so important as it has to make you want to read on and also help you understand if you want to read in the first page. It has to "wave" at you, saying "here I am, read me."

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Thank you for posting this one. It is really helpful, I just started writing so this one is really helpful for me.

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