Content Generation Idea: Internal and External Roundups

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Content Generation Idea: Internal and External Roundups

Content Generation Idea: Internal and External Roundups
A round up? What's a round up when it's at home? In it's basicity, a round up is literally a systematic collection or gathering together of things or people. You've heard the expression "let's round them up" before right? It can be a round up of people or things. Or just a summary of facts, statistics, information or events. The police often "round people up" when doing detective work such as rounding up the most likely culprits or suspects. Cowboys round up their cows. And businesses do round ups every now and then when they need to take stock of what they have and what they know and where and how to proceed with something. Such as when troubleshooting a task or problem they are facing. These round ups can help that business, or you, to gather clues about how to proceed with something. Or how to overcome something. Such as coming up with new content generation ideas!

And there are two different types of round ups. There are those internal round ups and this usually involves looking through your own content archives to see what you've written about in the past, to see what you've covered so far. From that, you can usually come up with new ideas for more things to cover that you haven't before. Or even cover something again but in an updated way. A way that covers that subject or topic in more relevant details since things change fast in the online world!

And then there are those external round ups. These can be very useful for just coming up with new content generation ideas on their own! They can help you with coming up with tons of great content articles for your targeted and intended audience, customers and clients to consume and make use of. Now that could be just checking out your competitors articles and blog posts. Which is very similar to Content Generation Idea 4: Industry Publications & Competitor Sites. Just looking through their posts would be enough to spark and ignite new content generation ideas and inspiration.

From this, you will be able to see what types of content or topics and subjects that people most like to see, read and comment on. Just from those posts that have the most amount of views and comments on them. And this is a great way to go about this for this reason. You just need to make sure the content you write is completely different and bigger and better than the original.

And that's basically how you use internal and external round ups to come up with content generation ideas.

Do you use internal or external round ups for this reason?

What other spin on it or angle do you take when using round ups?


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Quite informative. I could literally generate contents on a daily basis from series of events that happen around me without having to think too much about how to do that as long as I can use the round up trick.

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I like this idea. I like to keep informed of what is going on around the world. This weekend I was deep in thought trying to decide which magazines I should subscribe to. They are so many choices and this is made worse because nearly all the publications have online sites. I would love it if I could get some kind of round up of everything that is going on and its source. I can then make the choice of whether to read the whole article or not. I'm sure if you pursue this idea, one can actually get a good audience.

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