Content Generation Idea Niche Webinars

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Content Generation Idea Niche Webinars

Content Generation Idea Niche Webinars
Hello and welcome to part 15 of our 101+ content generation ideas series. This time we'll be talking about using Webinars for content generation ideas. Webinars - what are webinars when they're at home? In their basicity, webinars are basically conferences or seminars that are held and conducted on the Internet. It's actually a web seminar but are called webinars for short. It's just a seminar that's held and conducted on the Internet and they are used for presentations, demonstrations and discussions and other instructional sessions. And these can be listened to by visiting their site or a URL where they are being broadcast to. And they are either free or paid webinars. Most are free though and those are the ones we'll be using for the purpose of coming up with some content generation ideas!

How to use Webinars for content generation ideas?

This might not be possible for every niche, but to find webinars that are being held in your own niche, you'll want to check out those popular websites and industry influencers in your niche. What you could do is search for them online in Google by searching for something like [dog training + webinar]. This would likely return any results of past or up and coming webinars being held by those people. As you can see, if you search the above search terms, it returns lots of hits for dog training webinars.
Content Generation Idea Niche Webinars

Now all you need to do is check them out. The good thing is, even if the webinar hasn't been held yet, for which you can attend when it is, they often have recordings of past webinars they've held which you can download and listen to. Some even let you listen from the site without having to download any audio files.

And listen to these! Since they will be on something that is related to your niche, you'll not only probably learn something new from them that you can use, but you'll find that they discuss and touch on things that relate to your niche that you can use for content generation ideas. The thing to do is have a pen and paper handy. Or even a notepad file open on your computer. And then write down some of the interesting things they talk about as potential content generation ideas and topics to cover.

And that's basically all there is to it! Using other peoples (other competitors) webinars, you can come up with many great content generation ideas for new topics, blog posts and articles to write from them. I use them myself from time to time not only for content generation ideas but more to see what those other industry influential leaders are talking about.

This helps you to keep a finger on the pulse of some of the most important, pressing and trending topics that people in your niche are talking about. Literally talking about them. And they help you to stay informed and knowledgeable about your niche as well.

Are you using webinars for any of these reasons?

What other ways do you like to make use of webinars?

Have you ever held a webinar yourself?


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Webinars are actually a really good way to get some content ideas for your website or blog. The best thing to do is to sign up for or join a few webinars that are extremely popular. This will help you figure out what topics are probably really popular and will do well. I think the best type of content to write is probably to share what you learned from the webinars so that those who weren't able to attend/see it can learn.

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I like all your ideas, but this is on the top of my list. I think webinars are the perfect place to get content ideas. Webinars are mostly about learning the new trends in a particular niche. Armed with this knowledge you stay current and can use this knowledge to update your readers and to forecast future trends in your niche. This is a lot of content and can take up a few blog posts. I think this keeps you winning all the way!

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