10+ Study Tips for Students Studying to Practically Guarantee Success with

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10+ Study Tips for Students Studying to Practically Guarantee Success with

Hey there! Are you a student that's trying and finding it hard to study? You know you need to since the more you do, the better you'll be when it comes to actually taking your exams! Well to help you with that, here's 10+ study tips that can practically guarantee success! Hint: You will have to actually do them though! 10+ Study Tips for Students Studying to Practically Guarantee Success with

10+ Study Tips for Students Studying to Practically Guarantee Success with

1. Attend All Classes
Try not to skip a single class if you can. This will work out in your favour later on down the line!

2. Always Pay Attention
It pays to pay attention. That's why they say pay attention! Actually, paying attention all the time will increase the knowledge you have on whatever you're going to be taking a test on.

3. Take Notes
Not everyone has a photogenic memory, the rest of us have to find other ways to remember things. And the rest of us take notes! Always take lots of notes on things, keywords etc which you can research later.

4. Get Lots of Sleep!
Don't be one of those guys or girls that stays up very late partying into the night and then rolls into the class all dishevelled and looking sleep depraved! Get a good nights sleep to avoid falling asleep in class!

5. Organise Your Study Notes
File your study notes in an organised way, try to use different coloured notes for different studies if possible and keep them neat and organised as this will help you to source them when you need to.

6. Plan Your Revision Times
It's best to plan the times you intend to do revision and then stick to it like religious clockwork. This way it will be clear to you what you need to learn and when and why!

Tip! You can get a weekly study planner from online that you can download and print off.

7. Create a Study Checklist
A study checklist is very similar to a revision times table but instead of planning dates when you will study, a study checklist is literally a list of the things you need to study. Create one trust me on this!

8. Use Mind Maps
Mind maps are great ways to make and take revision notes for your exams. You basically start with a question and then pose two answers from it which link to each and then those answers lead to more questions. This is a mind map and will help you get through!

9. Study in a Quiet Place
If possible, try to find a place to study that is quiet and free from distractions. Dorm rooms aren't always so great as there is often a lot of noise and action going on outside your door. Just try to find somewhere to study that is quiet and free from distractions so you can focus on your studies.

10. Form a Study Group
To find even more motivation to study and find success, you could form a study group. A small group of you that meet up and talk about and study one particular subject. This can be more rewarding than doing it yourself as you all motivate each other to do so.

11, Teach and Test Each Other
If you can teach and test each other topics from your revision and have others teach and test you then that will be an excellent way of learning about it. Kind of like how you get someone to test you from the Highway Code before you take your theory test.

12. Take Regular Breaks!
It's okay to take breaks you know? And you really should do too! Never exert and exhaust yourself as this can negatively affect your performance come your exam time. Take short breaks, a refresher, a coffee, a sandwich, a walk round the park for some air. You get the idea!

And that's 10+ study tips for students today. Or just for anyone that is studying something and wants to see more success and be practically guaranteed to pass their main test or exam.

Do you abide by these study tips yourself?

What other tips would you give to students studying today?


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I have some tips for students which are not mentioned above.

  1. Do not procrastinate. I know that many of the students are busy but do not put a hold on projects or assignments. The quality of these projects or assignments will drop if you try and rush to complete it days before submission deadline.
  2. Always be brave to ask questions. It is okay to ask questions. Try and get clarity if you have any doubts. Do not assume that your comprehension of the subject thought is sufficient.
  3. Find seniors to assist you. I personally find seniors to be very helpful. They can inform you on professors' requirements and preferences. In fact, many of my projects were successful as I had some form of input from my seniors.
  4. Make use of learning resources. Based on my past experiences, I have noticed that not many students use the computer labs or libraries enough. These are excellent facilities which are conducive to completion of assignments.Although the Internet contain plenty of resources, the libraries have rare books which might help to differentiate you from other students. It will push your result from a B to A or A to A+.

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Sleep is so important. You would probably think that it is the least important one on that list but it is one of the most important things if you are aiming for success. There is no point how much revision or preparation you do if you do not get enough sleep. A good night of sleep will help you to remember things well and to be ready for the exams that you will need to do.

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Taking lots of sleep is as important as anything when the life of a student is involved and that's a good way to do things. The thing about taking sleep is that it helps to keep the mind at rest.

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I wish I had all this advise when I was at school. @Barida, I agree with you completely. I would argue that sleep should be number one on the list, because it affects everything. Without sleep you have no concentration and without concentration you can do or achieve, very little. Studying in a quite place? I completely disagree. Everyone is different. I prefer to study with music, especially rock music. It fools my mind into thinking, I am doing something enjoyable.

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This reminds me of my days as a student. My parents would tell us that we should not be absent and coming in late is not good either. Being present all the time will not make you miss anything unless you are not attentive in the classroom. And if you haven’t experienced the so called study groups, you are missing a lot. It is fun to study with your classmates especially with your close friends in class. Those were the good old days that we were like playing and not doing work at all.

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Familiarize yourself with your own limits in terms of capability of studying or workload. If you know that you can't read an entire chapter for just 1 hour, then you can appropriately schedule more time and be more prepared to deal with the tasks that you have in mind. Knowing your limits will help you prioritize on which ones to study and allot more time for.

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You know that most people who go back to school when they are older, do really well. I agree with you @treccko142 you need to know yourself and your limits better. How fast can you read? What conditions do you need around you to read at your optimum e.g do you need quiet, music, food, bright light e.t.c. I think traditional learning methods do not recognize personality and that everyone has different learning methods. Institutions try to fit everyone in a box, which I feel is really not fair and people get a raw deal in school.

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