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Making social media posts is something that most of us that have social media accounts such as Facebook do most of the times. We always want to let our followers know what is happening in our lives and environment. ...

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    Barida Level 1
  • 66 4 years ago

    Fake people on social media! I've read somewhere that about 40% of accounts on social media are fake. And I agree with that statement. Have you ever had a friend(boy or a girl) that has some fake accounts? I know i ha...

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    koki12346 Level 1
  • 76 4 years ago

    I'm sure many of you remember Myspace. The biggest social media site in the world at one point. It's accolades include: A 4 year run as the largest social media website in the world Surpassing google (yes THE goo...

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    Judas2018 Level 1
  • 77 4 years ago

    Many people know about and use Pinterest. It is a very popular image-based social network which launched in 2010. In 5 years, i.e. by 2015, the owners were discussing how they were going to spend their millions. The site...

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    cmoneyspinner Level 1
  • 66 4 years ago

    I've used a number of social media automation tools in the past and there many positive things I could say about them. You save a lot of time. That's what I like best about social media automation. There are some ...

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    Jeane Level 1
  • 43 4 years ago

    Which social media platform do you find generates the most likes and views when you blog? I use wordpress 'Publicize' and recently added tumblr, and found I had a very fast click rate. More people were sharing and reblog...

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    Gandalf Level 1
  • 68 4 years ago

    Social media can be such a mine of information, yet most people don't use it for this and instead think that it's only to get people to follow you and promote your posts and products on! But social media is one of the be...

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    idealmike Level X3
  • 10 5 years ago